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Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough

Sativa - 85% Leaning
Lineage: Haze
Recommended time of use: Morning
Origin: United States
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About Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is a bracing, taste-focused sativa hybrid. Its unmistakable strawberry flavor is the result of crossbreeding by cannabis pioneer Kyle Kushman. Its impressive buds won the title of Best Flower in the 2013 Cannabis Cup. Fruity and light, this strain is an uplifting and productive smoke that can be enjoyed in a variety of settings. Strawberry Cough is a cross between Strawberry Fields and old-school staple Haze. The average THC composition of this strain is between 15% and 20%. Emerald Cannabis Worx tested Strawberry Cough through pH Labs and hit a record high of 22.98% THC in 2018. 

Kyle Kushman, a former High Times editor, developed Strawberry Cough largely by chance in 2000. Kushman claims to have received a small a clone from a fellow breeder -- a runt, the clone had allegedly been grown next to a strawberry patch somewhere in Connecticut. Kushman was struck by the clone’s pungent strawberry scent -- he dubbed the strain Strawberry Field, and eventually crossed it with a Haze plant. The result was Strawberry Cough, a hybrid that tastes soft and sweet and delivers a solidly cerebral high. Kushman built a buzz around Strawberry Cough’s in New York City’s underground cannabis market. He then moved out west to focus on cultivation in California and handed out clones of Strawberry Cough on the cross-country drive, boosting its popularity even more.

The strain’s award-winning flowers are large and chunky. Despite its dominant sativa genetics, Strawberry Cough has a more indica-typical bud structure, with solid and densely-packed leaves. The sativa genes show, however, in the buds’ tapered, conical shape, less like popcorn and more like tiny pinecones.

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The flowers are covered in cloudy amber trichomes that lend the leaves a slightly yellowish appearance. Red -- rather than orange -- pistils are threaded through the sticky leaves. The mild scent of strawberries wafts up from the buds, mixed with a little bit of peppery spice. When buds are combusted, they give off a herbal cloud, reminiscent of parent strain Haze. Smoke from this strain is typically harsh, causing many users to cough and sometimes leading their eyes to water. The initial taste is of ripe strawberries, without any hint of skunkiness or musk. On the exhale, the strawberry flavor has some more sweetness. This saccharine berry scent lingers for a while after users have toked.

Strawberry Cough’s buzzy, thoughtful high settles in almost immediately. Users may feel initially unsettled, but, in the right set and setting, can embrace the sharp focus associated with this strain -- it’s great for deep conversation, reading, or working on tasks that involve some degree of creativity or problem-solving. Strawberry Cough can also impart an energetic feeling of motivation and intensity that’s perfect for plowing through more mundane tasks. The opportunity for non-linear and less traditional ways of thinking makes Strawberry Cough a uniquely creative strain. Its sense of euphoria and tendency towards chattiness also marks this as a great choice in lively social settings. Medically speaking, Strawberry Cough is beneficial in regulating entrenched mood disorders. As users feel a boost in energy and creativity, they may feel a dissipation in anxiety or stress. Some have also reported relief from painful migraines, as well as less intense headaches. Side effects of this strain include the possibility of paranoia, which can happen with larger doses when intense cerebral thinking can kick into overdrive. The high from Strawberry Cough is said to last longer than average, from about 3 to 4 hours.

Strawberry Cough is a relatively easy strain to grow. Kyle Kushman’s original proprietary strain is clone-only, meaning that growers can only cultivate it if they can obtain a clipping from a mature, healthy plant. However, Amsterdam-based seed bank Dutch Passion has developed its own version of Strawberry Cough -- seeds are available online. Plants tend to be more short and bushy like indicas than tall and wispy like sativas -- of medium height, they are well cultivated indoors. This strain can also be grown outdoors, although plants require very warm climates and continuous temperatures around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It flowers within 9 weeks when grown indoors and in Late October when grown outdoors. Although the yield from Strawberry Cough is average, the larger-than-average buds are some consolation -- and with sturdy stems and branches, the thick flowers don’t usually require extra stakes for support.

The wide popularity of Strawberry Cough shows that taste-focused hybrids are more than just consumer novelty. This strain’s mild but distinctive taste and its expansive high have made it one of the most popular available in dispensaries today -- its appeal has even landed a mention in the apocalyptic movie Children of Men, as Michael Caine and Clive Owen share a joint of the stuff. Good for a daytime boost or an evening hang, Strawberry Cough shows how much deliberated and focused breeding can do.

THC Content - 23.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Strawberry Cough Highest Test
Strawberry Cough Average

Common Usage


Cotton Mouth


1 Kush King
June 26, 2018
STRAWBERRY COUGHing forever!! This Sativa won Best Flower at 2013 Cannabis Cup. Major effects i got were uplifting & happiness :) Bud was chunky with an Indica bud structure. The color was medium to dark green with orange pistils & was covered in crystal trichomes. THC level was 18%. Scent & Flavor had a little something besides sweet strawberry. Spicy? or Skunky? I know, spicy skunk!! Gives the berry a bit of a "kick" that made me cough!! ENJOY
not kyle
May 07, 2018
screw kushman. he did not create strawberrycough in 2000 because i was growing Strawberrycough in 1997. so how did he create it if i grew it from seed in 1997?
Mikey the Bikey
January 22, 2018
I came back to Cannabis after a long break (20 yrs) and decided to try a variety of smoke to see which best helped me medically. When I came across Strawberry I hit gold ! this was the Thai stuff I was smoking in Australia in 1982, in every way, so I was stunned to read all this 'strawberry patch' nonsense happening some 15 years later in the US... It's a Thai Sativa, no doubt in my mind (I new the importer). It's my new old fave, along with Critical Impact and Red Purps.
(and 3D and a few others..;)) God It makes getting old so much easier.
November 28, 2017
Strain smoke actually tastes like Strawberries and fruity. Love it.
Chelsi Seeley
November 18, 2016
Strawberry cough genetics can vary widely but tend to be very uplifting with amazing fruity, berry aromas. The smoke itself is quite nice with sweet like hints on the tongue but be careful when inhaling because this cough can give the lungs a little tickle. Overall an amazing strain great for anytime of the day. Can be an amazing pre-bed smoke even though it's heavy on the Sativa side just light up about an hour prior to bed and let the good times roll.
October 28, 2016
I was shocked this strain actually tasted like strawberries!! I've had several blueberry strains and even lemon strains but nothing tasted quite like their name like strawberry cough does. The taste and smell are awesome but the high is fairly average.
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