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When HortiLabs Seeds opened in 2009 they did so with their flagship strain "Starbud." Starbud grew in popularity quite quickly and later took first place in the Breeder Indica category at the IC Mag 420 Cup that year. Since its arrival to the competitive cannabis breeding and growing scene, this strain has continued to win trophies as a top notch Indica strain. With a mysterious past, this strain's exact genetics are vague, but HortiLabs states that the strain came to them from the mid west area of the US. A private grower there missed a male that sneaked into his grow room and pollinated his ladies.

Starbud is named for its buds that are so covered in trichomes that they glitter like stars. It smells sugary and dank but has more of a hash-like flavor. Providing a strong classic Indica body melt that is heavily sedative it can be great night time medication for nausea, insomnia and pain.

A great choice for any environment, its indica dominant stature makes it ideal for an indoor grow where it prefers soil. Finishing early, usually within eight weeks, this strain should be left in the vegetative period for about a month. Despite preferring soil, those with a green thumb will find it yields most when grown in a hydroponic set up.

THC Content - 20.0% Highest Test

Average Indica
Starbud Highest Test
Starbud Average

Common Usage - Insomnia

Effects - Euphoria

Countries of Origin
  • United States
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