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Star Tonic

Star Tonic

Hybrid - 50%
Recommended time of use: Evening
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About Star Tonic

Typically more relaxing and therapeutic than it is psychoactive, Star Tonic is a CBD-rich strain with complex effects. It is the product of heavy indica Death Star and CBD favorite Cannatonic. It also has the added benefit of a pleasant citrus aroma. A good option for smokers who’d like to find peace and quiet without becoming “high” in the conventional sense, Star Tonic has CBD levels of 12% to 16% and THC levels between 8% and 11%.

Star Tonic is distinguished by its medium to large flowers that maintain a solid, tapered formation, somewhat like miniature pinecones. The buds are indica-typical, with small leaves that adhere in a compact internal structure. The leaves themselves are a dark shade of forest green and are twisted through with curly brown pistils. Finally, due to the strain’s low levels of THC, relatively few trichomes dot the surfaces of these dense flowers.

On a first whiff, Star Tonic reveals layers of earthy aroma with distinct hints of cedar. A closer inspection picks up on the bright, unmistakable scent of lemon. Grinding up the buds, meanwhile, releases a faint suggestion of chemicals, perhaps due to the Sour Diesel in parent strain Death Star’s background. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, Star Tonic burns with a harsh smoke that may cause watery eyes or a coughing fit. This smoke tastes woodsy with a suggestion on citrus on the exhale.

Because Star Tonic is more marked by its soothing physical effects than any kind of strong psychoactivity, it may be different for smokers to pick up on the strain’s action at first. While some may detect an initial headrush and some feelings of pressure around the eyes, the strain is not known to exert a heavy influence on cognition or on sensory perception. Instead, some 10 to 15 minutes after it’s ingested, Star Tonic begins to exert progressively strong relaxation on the body. This may be especially noticeable for smokers who may have been suffering from tension or overstimulation, as they find relief from their discomfort and may be able to breathe more deeply and easily. Its sudden sedation may also be apparent to those who may have previously been active or engaged in busy physical tasks; Star Tonic tends to have such consumers seeking out the closest couch on which to stretch out. As time passes, this strain’s full-bodied sense of calm may have the added benefit of lifting the barriers of physical inhibition; in such cases, and given the right kind of company, Star Tonic can be an effective aphrodisiac. For the most part, though, this bud is best suited to passive and relaxing activities like taking a hot bath or settling in for a binge-watching session. Thanks to its pleasant, good-nature energy, it may also be a nice way to pass some low-key time with friends. Because it doesn’t do much to affect the mind, this bud still allows for concentration on detailed tasks if the user’s attention demands it. If dosage is increased, prepare for full-on couchlock, as Star Tonic pins you in place and makes the outside world recede into the background. Because of its mostly downbeat vibes, Star Tonic is recommended for consumption during early evening or nighttime when it can be fully savored.

Because of its high CBD levels, Star Tonic may in fact be of more use to medical cannabis patients than for recreational purposes. Its worry-free sedation can be a boon to those suffering from stress, depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. The strain can also dull physical pain, whether it’s temporary, as due to soreness or injury, or chronic, as due to disease. Meanwhile, anti-inflammatory properties can take the sting out of everyday problems like nausea or cramps. Star Tonic is so relaxing, it can even help insomniacs get a good night’s sleep. Because it is unlikely to trigger paranoid bouts of recursive thinking, this strain is a good choice for patients who are prone to panic or who don’t want to get high and disoriented.

Seeds of Star Tonic are not available for sale online. Instead, those looking to grow it at home should take clippings from mature, healthy plants of the strain. Once obtained, it can be grown indoors or out, although success outdoors calls for a semi-humid climate with daytime temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The strain’s indica-typical buds suggest that its plants grow short and bushy and may require occasional pruning. Star Tonic typically flowers within 8 to 9 weeks; if flowers are left to mature past this point, trichomes may proliferate, resulting in higher levels of THC.

Star Tonic is a great choice for medical users who suffer from a range of conditions. Its high can also be an interesting new sensation for those used used to more THC-laden strains.

THC Content - 11.0% Highest Test

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Star Tonic Highest Test
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