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About Star Killer

We don’t say this often, but when we do we mean it - buckle up and get ready to visit outer space. Star Killer, bred from Rare Dankness #2 and Skywalker OG, is a super potent indica-dominant strain that’s won countless awards. Her extreme set of effects, high yields, and refreshing taste make her a well-loved strain by all.

If you’re new to smoking cannabis, steer clear of this strain. Star Killer hits a high of 29% THC, offering even OG users a run for their money. Large nugs tend to feature very bright orange hairs, chunky trichomes, and enough resin to show you what you’re in for. A strong flavor combination of lemon, earth, skunk, and pine mingle on your palette and create a smoother smoke than one would imagine.

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Classic stoner effects are alive and well here, as Star Killer will take you on a ride that comes complete with red eyes and a mental fog that you just can’t shake. You’ll instantly become incredibly sedated and long to become horizontal, and honestly, that’s about all you’ll be able to achieve for the next few hours. A warming body buzz only completes the experience and you’ll end up falling into such a deep sleep that even a hurricane probably wouldn’t wake you.

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It’s a given that Star Killer is ideal for pain, because with THC levels this high, how could it not be? While some strains focus on mental issues including depression or stress, this bud’s claim to fame comes on the physical side of things. Most types of pain, including cramps, headaches, inflammation, and muscle spasms are soothed by her strong effects, and obviously, those with insomnia turn to this bud for sweet sweet sleep night after night.

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Aside from being so damn potent, many love this strain due to her ease of home cultivation and her immense yields. Star Killer will thrive both inside and outdoors but a Mediterranean type of climate is what will ultimately make her sing. After about 9 to 10 weeks of love and care, this plant will be ready for harvest. Like many other strains, you’ll find that you have a higher yield with outdoor growth, although your indoor rewards won’t be anything to shake a stick at either.

If you hate your boss, hate your boyfriend, or just hate life in general and want to check out for the rest of the night, Star Killer is for you. We’re not saying you can’t have a good time while experiencing this high, but ultimately it becomes so sedative that it’s best for escaping the more difficult parts of your life. While relying on this bud for both recreational and medical relief is awesome, make sure you save it for the evening hours.

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November 24, 2022


Lovin' it! This super stony indica is definitely not for the faint of heart. While the effects aren't immediate, it creeps up to a clean relaxing sensation that hits hard and stays long. Works awesome on my arthritis and muscle pain issues while it melts away the stress of the day. If you don't have much to don't mind a little brain haze this is for you.

January 15, 2022

Kevin G

Exactly what you need for PTSD and Anxiety after a long day. I served in the Army and worked as a First Responder for 16 years, And this is one of the first “Strains” that I felt, when I smoke it at night, I go to bed, and takes the mind to better places. Hopefully this helps someone

November 13, 2020

Midnight toker

This is definitely a hard hitting indica. My batch was more piney and skunky then citrusy. The body effects are intense and feel like waves are rolling over you and just when you think it’s done it comes back. I was still feeling the residuals the next day until the afternoon putting me in a good mood. If you like indicas definitely give this a try. Starkiller is strong with the force.

December 21, 2019

geddy lee modrall

realy loven this strain. perfect for after work or work outs.

October 26, 2019


Wow, I puffed one doobie all day, very very relaxing, not a strain you want to try and get work done with. Great taste and at the end of the day, you pass out.