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The growers at HortiLab Seeds know what they’re doing, as their creation named Sour Power has won numerous awards and is a favorite of both recreational and medicinal users. Taking home the best hybrid award three times at the High Times’ Cannabis Cup, it’s a 90/10 sativa-dominant strain that’s bred by crossing Star Bud and East Coast Sour Diesel.

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Sour Power was certainly named appropriately, as it can come in at up to 29% THC, although the average is closer to 24%. Not an ideal choice for new users, it offers intense uplifting effects but can be too much for some. Nugs of this strain stand out with a neon green shade, tons of orange hairs, and a thick layer of frosty white trichomes. It’s not exactly easy on the nose, as smells of sour diesel and a woody earthy scent will come across strong. Thankfully, the flavor lightens up a bit as citrus and berry undertones take over.

Typical Effects


Buckle up when taking a hit, as this strain kicks in right away. Its super high THC content will become apparent in a strong head high that leaves you feeling like you’re buzzing. Users note surges of intense happiness and energy, allowing their mind to clear up and making hard tasks much easier to complete. Creativity will flow as well as your socialization skills, so use Sour Power at a party or before a big project.

Medicinal users swear by Sour Power because it’s so effective at instantly helping to relieve pain and negative side effects associated with a variety of symptoms. Those with depression, PTSD, glaucoma, and nausea all find that this strain does the trick while giving them energy to get through the day. Individuals who struggle with their appetite or who are overly stressed also benefit greatly from Sour Power.

THC Content











Use caution, though, as this lady is a tough one. Those who don’t know their limits might find they are prone to dizziness, anxiety, and paranoia because of the strong mental buzz. The strain’s indica side does help to make users feel a little bit grounded, but overall it’s a high that can catch some off guard.

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Exhibiting classic sativa characteristics, Sour Power will grow big and tall if left to its own devices. While it does well inside or outdoors, indoor growing will require regular trimming and maintenance. Your patience will be rewarded with this strain because after a 10 to 12 week flowering time, you’ll end up with a nice yield of pungent buds.

Sour Power might be best used for special occasions or days when you’re in a lot of pain, as this heavy hitting strain can be overwhelming for some. Use it to enhance your mood, boost productivity, and take the edge off of chronic conditions.


July 13, 2022

Bryan Troy

5 stars.. got a free pre-roll from one of my local dispensaries and it tastes very good, smooth with light citrus tones and nutty. Easy on the lungs but it hits heavy.. heady high with a very relaxed but still able to get things done feeing. Great for pain/anxiety.