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About Slurricane

Quickly growing to become one of the more popular strains on the cannabis market, Slurricane brings indica lovers everything they could ever ask for in a bud. By crossing Do-Si-Dos with Purple Punch, the team at In House Genetics has developed something of a legend. They’ve experimented with a wide range of phenotypes and it seems as if we might see Slurricane crossed with other strains to create some pretty amazing plants in the near future.

Most would agree that this strain is ideal for more experienced users as her THC levels can reach as high as 28%. Nugs are large, fluffy, and dark in color, yet have a thick layer of white trichomes that take on a bit of a purple hue in just the right light. Both flavors and aromas mirror each other pretty accurately, and users can expect a mixture of berries, spice, cream, and even a bit of tropical fruit to dance along their palate as they smoke. Given that Slurricane is recommended for use during the evening, she could make for the perfect dessert bud.

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Your tolerance will largely determine your exact experience with this gal, but in general, individuals can expect to enjoy your typical rollercoaster high that’s associated with hybrids. Initially, a surge of euphoria could enter into your mind and is often accompanied by a set of tingles that start in the back of the head and work their way down to your toes. Just when you think you couldn’t get any happier, the real effects start to kick in. Most report that Slurricane brings on heavy feelings of sedation that often lead to sleep, so make sure to grab some snacks and get comfortable before you settle down on your couch because you likely won’t be getting up any time soon.

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Home cultivators might have some mixed feelings when it comes to Slurricane because while In House Genetics does partner with quite a few online seed distributors, it seems that everyone has been and always will be sold out of this particular bud. Assuming you can place an order, it’s recommended that you partner with an experienced grower on this one. Preferred environments, maturation time, and even harvest sizes are all largely unknown, making this gal a bit of a mystery in her own way.

We’ve all had those days that were just so long and grueling that we’d do anything possible to forget about them, and for most people, Slurricane is just the thing to take on that challenge. It’s recommended that you know your tolerance before indulging in any bud, but it’s even more strongly advised here as her levels of sedation could reach completely new heights.


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Recent Customer Reviews


This shit hits like no other flavorfull out of this world and the high is amazing had me energized excited then bam was heavy headed and chill till I said good night love it so good.


Solid indica.. purple punch flavor compliments the do si dos nicely.. prevalent in the scent.. heavy consistent stone… some indicas induce paranoia.. this one may..

Stephanie Shoemaker

I eat like crazy and am a happy lady with this strain. Brain tumor took my appetite. This is my second favorite strain.


actually my favorite strain. it's a 2 way tie with Soul Assassin for be the best indica dominant.