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About Shark Shock

A line of genetics first devised by Shantibaba of Mr. Nice Seeds in the 1990s, Shark Shock has had many names including Great White Shark and Peacemaker. Shantibaba started with the mother plant a Mr. Nice Black Widow, which is an inbred White Widow whose genetics are a cross between two landraces, a Brazilian Sativa and an Indian Indica. That world famous strain was then crossed with the equally well known inbred Skunk #1, which consists of three landraces, an Afghanistan Indica, a Mexican Sativa and a Colombian Sativa. These two bonded to create a strain that both washes the mind in euphoria and numbs the body in tingling bliss, while tasting of sour fruits with a bit of sweet and spice mixed in.

Mr. Nice Seed's Shark Shock is a good choice for growers of nearly any experience level, capable of growing indoor and out, or in a greenhouse. The strain is not particularly picky, it can grow in hydro and soil but does not care to be fed to much or too often. It flowers for anywhere between 40 and 50 days, reaching a height of about four feet. Shark Shock can produce a heavy yield, as much as 600 grams per square meter by some reports. Outside this strain can reach up to nine feet tall and is ready for harvest late September or early October. With a THC count of up to 20 percent and many High Times Cannabis Cup awards, Shark Shock is considered by many to be the most successful set of genetics from the 1990s.


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Recent Customer Reviews

Damian palazzolas

Great thanks for asking

Nichita Mason

For a long time I had been smoking marijuana from dealers off the street, never exactly knowing what I was smoking; I started to experience high levels of depression and anxiety where I would have moments where I would smoke and a feel of negativity would come over me. Then one day a friend of mine whom is a grower let me try Shark Shock; when I tell you I experienced one of the most euphoric, spiritual, enlightening conversations. It was then that I realized that what you’re smoking REALLY matters! I’ve never written a review for anything but need this message to be seen for people like myself.

Charles Brown

I suffer from PTSD, and Anxiety, w/stressors! I induldged in a nice cone of The "Shark Shock", I was wiped out! Low THC, High in CBD's. Perfect blend! In my top 10 for sure! I live on the East coast, almost impossible to find, but when I do, I gobble up as much as I can! Bahahahaha!