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Scoops is a sweet-tasting THC power-hitter from the folks at Exotic Genetix. Note that this Indica-dominant favorite (70/30) has been retired by the breeder so you’ll have to buy it third-party only. Not to be confused with Single Scoop, derived from Gelato and Birthday Cake strains, Scoops is made from Gelato + Tina + Cookies and Cream F2. It can be grown anywhere but may need a little more TLC than the average strain (we’ll get into that in a bit). Those who are patient with it can expect a huge yield, delicious earthy taste, and a musky aroma. Its laid-back flavor and high THC pair well with being calm and doing nothing. If that’s what you’re after, Scoops is the plant for the job.

The powerhouse parents of Scoops, Gelato, Tina, and Cookies & Cream, imbue it with a multilayered flavor of earth, citrus, musk, and a light taste of fuel. All of these scents hit your nose as you break the nugs apart. Before that, you may be taken aback by the purpleness of the buds, hiding beneath a healthy film of golden trichomes, sticky with resin, and pistils that are fuzzy and vibrant orange like strands of flame. Exotic Genetix bred the strain to be hardy and high-yielding but not to be easy to grow. This mid-height strain hits its stride in 56-63 days but only if you know how to treat it right.

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GROWING TIPS: Scoops tends to yield less when you let it grow to its full height, which is why we recommend an experienced grower tackling this one with the multi-topped bush method. This means topping it so that it grows multiple branches without spending all its energy on one tall one. This encourages the plant to grow wider and make better use of its resources, which is especially helpful for growers with an indoor garden/greenhouse and limited vertical growing space.

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Common Usage

A Loss of Appetite
A Loss of Appetite

The sweet, earthy flavor of Scoops has a mask of citrus musk carried by the aroma, with hints of nuts and petrol. The gas flavor is the one that really lingers after you’re done smoking. The strain’s terpene profile is dominated by Limonene and Linalool, from which it gets its bright citrus flavors, and the herby, earthy presence of a healthy dose of Beta-Myrcene. Myrcene is also where the strain gets a lot of its do-nothing sedating influence, which makes it a perfect pairing with an afternoon of sleeping, reading, eating, watching movies, visiting a spa, and so on.

This is why users who hope to relax, nullify their cognitive functions, and enjoy an afternoon of happy sedation enjoy Scoops. So long as you’re prepared to be forcefully put down by this nugget of power, you’ll like what you get.

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November 5, 2022

Mike White

So far the grow hasn't had may issue...only thing I can give a heads up on it has a big stretch after flipping to 12/12(bloom). In the end 8 had to stress train some of the tops so they didn't hit the light. Was a good 24" stretch maybe even more!

October 9, 2022

michael J Renfrow

Smooth and nutty with citrus twist. VERY CLEAN TASTING It does relax, but I also get energy during the day. Pain relief is the biggest thing for me and scoops delivers.