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About Santa Maria

In the Amazon jungle, it is a widely accepted fact that to live off the land is the only way to protect it and all it provides. The parent strains of Santa Maria have been used for generations in spiritual rituals throughout Amazonia, and after making the trek to Europe, this bud has been crossed and crossed again with Mexican Haze and Silver Pearl to get the multi-generational strain we have today. In an attempt to protect the plant’s spiritual background it was renamed Planck and can be found under that name in most cities.

Though this bud has moderate THC levels and leans towards the sativa side in its genetics, this plant offers surprisingly powerful indica effects in both the high and the flavors. As its roots might suggest, this is a fruity and sweet bud with floral overtones and hints of citrus. Flavored much the same, users will enjoy sweet citrus flavors with lavender and earthy aftertastes. These popcorn-shaped nugs are forest green with patches of minty green and amber hairs and a frosty layer of sandy colored trichomes.

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As if walking along a sandy beach, you’ll love the warmth of this bud that sets out to invigorate and please the senses of its user, making it a favorite amongst artists and musicians. With hints of fruitiness in the smoke, the flavors give way to long-lasting effects that energize and, in some cases, arouse. Spice things up a bit and enjoy this bud with a partner.

Typical Effects


If you find yourself feeling depressed or overly introverted, give Santa Maria a try and feel how worry suddenly washes away. Used for medicinal purposes since its ancestry, this strain has a slew of uses and because of its numbing properties is highly beneficial to those suffering from pain, insomnia, and muscle tightness. As mentioned above, this strain is also helpful for the treatment of low libido and in some cases a lack of appetite.

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Not only is this a great bud for its recreational and medicinal uses, but it also scores many points in the cultivation category. Known for its rapid flowering time, Santa Maria is a breeze to grow and offers above average yields. Indoor or outdoor growing is fine; just be prepared to prune this plant as it has a habit of getting larger than you’d expect.

Generations of smokers can’t be wrong. Between its incredibly beneficial medicinal uses and its delightful flavors, Santa Maria lives up to her origins tenfold. Take a break from the mundane and enjoy this daytime strain with a lemon blunt wrap, or if you’re feeling adventurous try it out as a hard candy.

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