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Originally named simply Rx by its breeders at the Vancouver Island Seed Company, this strain has picked up a bit more popularity lately under the name Omrita Rx3.

To create this strain, which is quite high in CBD, the breeders started with the well known Romulan and crossed it with the foully named Fucking Incredible. It was renamed by a patient, Miguel, who added the Sanskrit word for nectar, omrita, and the three to tell the world how medicinally valuable he believes the strain to be. He has since given clones to collectives in California under this name. Vancouver Island Seed Company still sells seeds under the original name but the strains are the same.

Consistently testing for a CBD range between 9 and 12 percent, Rx only reaches THC levels between 5 and 7 percent. Most users feel some psychoactive effects that can last for about a half hour but they tend to taper off into a clear buzz that lingers upon the mind and body. Rx may be used to help cope with pain, anxiety, stress, nausea and inflammation. High CBD strains have been seen to potentially inhibit cancer tumor growth and possibly even shrink them.

Requiring a flowering period that can last between seven and eight weeks, Rx can reach medium height. It is a strain suitable for both growing indoors and outside. When grown in a two gallon pot these plants can produce between 90 and 115 grams.

THC Content - 10.0% Highest Test

Average Hybrid
Rx Highest Test
Rx Average

Common Usage - Pain

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Countries of Origin
  • Canada
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