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Working to preserve some of the world’s most incredible strains, Archive Seed Bank takes their craft very seriously. They’ve crossed Irene OG and Face Off OG to create the slightly indica-dominant strain that is RudeBoi OG. Users may also see it on the market as Rude Boi or Rude Boi Kush.

Depending on the batch you find at your local shop, the potency of this bud could vary quite a bit. Some have enjoyed this strain with THC as low as 15% while others find her topping out at 23%, making her ideal for varying types of users depending on what you end up with. Large mint green nugs are tapered and have a blanket of bright orange pistils and shiny translucent crystals. Oddly enough, her flavors and aromas vary a great deal, with spicy earth, nuts, coffee, and herbs wafting into the air as you break the nugs apart. RudeBoi OG tastes like a mixture of citrus and mint along with tones of wood and coffee as you exhale.

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Balance is key when it comes to making a good hybrid, and the team at Archive Seed Bank have done it just right with this bud. Users will initially enjoy a sensation of motivation and creativity that might lend itself to getting a few things done around the house, and while you’ll be plenty focused, this phase is unfortunately rather short-lived. A buzzing sensation will soon originate at your temples and wash over you in waves, causing total relaxation and a longing for sleep.

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Considered by many to be their saving grace at the end of the day, medical marijuana users who enjoy RudeBoi OG often turn to her for help with a range of concerns. Above all else, she imparts an even mental space that alleviates stress and depression like it’s nobody’s business. Individuals who struggle with physical pain in the form of headaches, cramps, and more will also find quick relief, and if you smoke enough of it, this strain will banish insomnia with ease.

While you don’t have to be an expert cultivator to enjoy RudeBoi OG in your home garden, this strain does require a little bit of know-how to enable her to survive. Plants are highly resistant against mold, mildew, and pests, but if grown outdoors, a warmer climate is an absolute must. She tends to need a lot of attention, however it’s well worth it in the end, as RudeBoi OG delivers a huge harvest in 9 weeks.

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Quite possibly the most exciting thing to look forward to at the end of a long day, this strain imparts amazing effects with delicious flavors that nearly everyone loves. RudeBoi OG may be hard to find in some parts of the United States, so if you see her, grab some before it’s too late.

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April 30, 2021

sarah edwardson

The best strain ever. I love it when listening to music too

September 15, 2020

Alejandro Morales

i found this strain at a local shop. its priced at 3.60 a gram. it blows some of the "top shelf" ive gotten out of the water. with an ounce of it going for 60 bucks, you cant go wrong with this strain. saving money and getting stoned are two of my favorite things. rude boi og is

May 31, 2020

Constantin Scholz

I bought this strain abought half a year aho and i must say it is very strong. My friend who smokes about 1-2g per day couldn‘t even walk anymore. I must say it makes you very paranoid if you already have paranoid issues i would stay away from rudeboi. It still has a very nice taste and with a tolerance for hight thc cannabis this strain could relief you from your pain. Still very strong and for sure more than 24 percent.

November 13, 2019


This strain was everything I needed and more. Stumbled across the strain and while i wasnt even looking for flower, the name caught my attention. (Shoutout Zeds Dead) Not only helpful for intense cramps, I had a nice 45min of feeling relaxed, goofy and productive. The Sativa really helped boost my mood, while the Indica shone through about 50 minutes after dosing and i found myself relaxed and peaceful. Absolutely would buy again. I have never smoked something that so perfectly embodies the full range of effects. Beautiful, like a Miami sunrise in the spring.