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Hybrid - 50%
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
Origin: United States
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About Rubicon

Yet another cannabis world mystery, Rubicon wins awards and captivates users without ever giving away its innermost genetic secrets. After taking home first place in the Best CBD Flower category at the 2016 Colorado Cannabis Cup, this strain joined the ranks of many cult classics as a well-balanced beauty that consumers can’t get enough of.

For what it lacks in THC, landing at a moderate 9%, it makes up for in its 1:1 ratio of CBD. These small, pebble-shaped buds give off a stellar high that is both relaxing and uplifting in their effects. Rich amber hairs and matching trichomes give Rubicon a bright hue visually complimenting its citrus flavors. Beautiful aromas of lavender and earth fill the room as you break the little forest green nugs apart.

The physical effects of this strain are mild, giving a pleasant high without an abundance of side effects that can sometimes get in the way. This slow rolling experience comes on first with a boost of energy that leans more towards mellow than active, making this bud perfect for an after work treat or a mid-day turn down. An overwhelming sense of peace will wash over you as your body lets go of tension and your muscles become warm and relaxed. Enjoy the freeing sensation in your mind and let worry drift away.

Stress and depression can often lead to restless sleep, cramps, muscle soreness, and a slew of other symptoms. People who suffer from these disorders understand more than most that relief can sometimes be far and few between, resulting in other ailments that reach too many to list. Situations like these can benefit from the high CBD levels in this strain as it is a natural relaxant and can curb many of the unfortunate side effects. Rubicon is also great for treating chronic pain and inflammation. Some users have also reported it to be extremely helpful with bouts of nausea.

Growing this plant may be its only drawback. As it is a top shelf strain it’s recommended for a top shelf grower. There is little information available for this particular strain in regards to conditions, flowering time and the like, but the general consensus is that this strain is best left to the cultivating experts.

With medicinal effects that are hard to rival and a commonly described mellow high that will leave you happy and tension free, it’s hard not to love Rubicon. Relax with this bud day or night and enjoy the most inviting high you’ve had in a long time.

THC Content - 9.0% Highest Test

Average Hybrid
Rubicon Highest Test
Rubicon Average

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