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Root Beer Kush

Root Beer Kush

Sativa - 100%
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
Origin: Canada
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About Root Beer Kush

Rumors surround this delicious strain but actually pinpointing exact information about it is too tall of a task for most. Apparently, Root Beer Kush originates in British Columbia as that’s the only place where it’s sold, and unknown breeders far up north crossed unknown plants to produce this beauty of a bud. Specific, right? You shouldn’t hold that against it, as it’s one of the more incredible strains the market has to offer.

As you may have guessed, exact lab results aren’t available either, although some speculate that this strain can range anywhere from 15% to 23% THC. Nugs feature a thick carpet of curly orange pistils and heavy trichome coverage, and while they smell similar to root beer, the taste is anything but. Instead, this strain boasts flavors of vanilla, strawberry, and orange blended with a strong taste of earth. Sweet and savory, it tends to please most who try it.

Like most other sativa strains, Root Beer Kush begins with an uplifting burst of energy that infuses a creative spirit into anything you do. Whether you’re cleaning the house, at work tackling your to-do list, or simply hanging out with friends, you’ll find a bigger and better way to do it while riding this high. Focus is heightened as well as your inclination to chat with others, making this an ideal strain to bring to a social gathering. Pace yourself though, because the comedown is incredibly relaxing and can lead some to sleep.

The medical benefits of Root Beer Kush are just as amazing, with relief from mental issues including depression and stress coming in strong. Physical pain responds just as well to this strain, alleviating cramps, headaches, and more. Essentially any condition that would benefit from a boost in physical energy and mental clarity can be offset by this bud. CBD content is unknown at this time, so keep in mind that while this strain can help a myriad of issues, it’s not necessarily a cure-all.

While it’s hard to find outside of Canada, there are reports of cultivating this strain at home on US soil. Experts report that Root Beer Kush takes anywhere from 7 to 10 weeks to flower and plants tend to stay at a reasonably manageable size. A nicely sized yield awaits those who have the skill to tame this relatively unknown breed.

Amazing flavors and nearly flawless effects make Root Beer Kush a must-try strain, and those who don’t live in British Columbia may find themselves scheduling a little vacation up north just to try it. We don’t blame you - between the high and the relief it offers, this little bud sounds pretty perfect.

THC Content - 23.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Root Beer Kush Highest Test
Root Beer Kush Average

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