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About Rocket Fuel

Said to be a somewhat rare strain in the US, Rocket Fuel comes to the cannabis market thanks to 303 Seeds. An interesting mix of Jet Fuel OG and Face Off OG Bx1, she’s known for her strong blend of flavors and aromas. While some confuse her with Russian Rocket Fuel, this bud has some unique characteristics that shouldn’t be overlooked.

New users may get their first hint at potency with a name like Rocket Fuel, and it’s our recommendation that with a high of 29% THC, anyone who hasn’t been smoking for a while should steer clear. Nugs are pretty large and sticky, featuring a dark olive color that’s offset by shiny white trichomes. Overall, an interesting blend of sweet and spicy await you here, with an herbal candy flavor as you exhale. Aromas tend to be a bit earthier and feature a hint of diesel.

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As you would guess, the high you experience on Rocket Fuel takes you up into the clouds in no time at all. You’ll literally feel as if you’re flying in outer space with a euphoric state of mind that’s completely unfocused yet somehow still creative. For a moment it will seem as if this blast to the outer reaches of the universe will never end, but slowly you’ll begin to come down into a state of total relaxation. Everything that goes up must come down, so expect to get severely couch locked and prepare to wake up the next morning wondering what the hell happened.

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When medical woes have you down, often times the thing we need is to escape from reality. Rocket Fuel lets you do just that as her cerebral effects make her the ideal choice for stress and depression. Have a few puffs in the later afternoon or early evening, and by the time you start to come down it will be bedtime, allowing you to battle insomnia with the best of them. Other issues including headaches, general body pain, and even a lack of appetite can all be addressed by this potent bud.

Home cultivators with minimal space really like Rocket Fuel, as plants tend to grow into dense little packages that only start to stretch toward the end. Roughly 9 to 10 weeks is all it takes to reap a heavy yield, but make sure you treat this lady right during the process. She tends to emit a pretty strong odor during her growth, so use a smell-proof system if discretion is required.

Let’s face it - sometimes we need to just get baked out of our minds. Whether it’s at the end of a trying work day or you’re in massive amounts of pain, Rocket Fuel will take you to a place of bliss in no time. Cozy up with snacks and a blanket and get ready for the best adventure into space you’ve ever experienced.


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