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Ridge Berry

Ridge Berry

Sativa - 70% Leaning
Lineage: Chem's Sister
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
Origin: United States
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About Ridge Berry

Ridge Berry is a bit of a mystery, with roots that are rumored to be from Marley Natural but no real data to back that statement up. Believed to be a cross between Chem’s Sister and Sour Dubble, it’s a strain that lacks any real lab data and can be tough to find in some places across the country.

Many believe that this strain hovers right around the 16% mark when it comes to THC, but again, that’s purely speculative. What is known, however, is that Ridge Berry offers delicious flavors to each and every user, with a mix of pine and berries finding themselves offset by just a touch of fuel. A slightly peppery note can also be detected within these lime green nugs. Orange undertones match bright pistils with a healthy coating of gold colored trichomes to boot.

Aptly named, Ridge Berry will take you from one ridge, through a valley, and to the next with its alternating set of effects. While it’s a sativa-dominant bud, users certainly get their fair share of mellowness in between waves of euphoric and focused energy. This cerebral sensation allows you to take your to-do list to task but eventually, you will succumb to an alert sedation. With the ability to still remain functional, it’s a great strain to get you through the bulk of your day and end on a relaxed note.

A great choice for individuals who need a bit of relief from physical or emotional pain, Ridge Berry will demolish your ailments while giving you an extreme case of the munchies. For some who struggle with nausea or a lack of appetite, it’s a welcome benefit, while for others it just heightens the experience. Mental issues including stress, ADHD, and PTSD are all soothed immensely by this plant while general bodily pain also finds a way to subside for a bit.

With so much mystery surrounding this strain, is it any wonder that growing information simply doesn’t exist? Lovers of this plant have found that trying to obtain seeds, a clone, or a clipping is an impossible task, leaving breeders themselves controlling how much is on the market at any given time. Experts estimate that if you were to grow your own Ridge Berry at home, it would probably take 8 to 9 weeks to flower and could thrive inside or outdoors.

If you happen to get your hands on some of this potent plant, guard it like your life depended on it, as you never know when you’ll see it again. Great to start a Monday morning off on the right foot or ideal for a weekend with friends, Ridge Berry will lovingly take you on a true rollercoaster of an adventure. Be sure to stock up on snacks first - you’ll need them.

THC Content - 16.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Ridge Berry Highest Test
Ridge Berry Average

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