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Red Haze

Red Haze

Lineage: Neville's Haze
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
Origin: Colombia
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About Red Haze

With roots dating back to the 1970’s and an international lineage that started in Columbia, Red Haze is a pure sativa strain that brings bold flavors and an unexpected host of effects. Now cultivated in Spain by Seedsman, it’s a cross between Colombian Red and Neville’s Haze that could potentially replace your morning cup of coffee.

THC levels are strong with a high of 22%, making this bud a good choice for more experienced users. As you prepare to take your first hit, a wealth of aromas will envelop your senses including skunk, earth, and a touch of mint. The flavors of this strain are fairly similar, although the cooling effects are far more prominent here and tone down the stronger tastes. Named appropriately, Red Haze nugs have a deep red and sometimes purple undertone to them with a thick coating of very sticky resin.

While Red Haze is a pure sativa through and through, you can’t always expect to get classic results with this potent strain. Many do liken it to a coffee substitute, as the energy you get is cerebral in nature and boosts creativity to an enormous level. Users note feelings of complete euphoria after just a toke or two of this tasty strain but don’t expect to be bouncing off the walls for hours either. Red Haze involves a mellow comedown that imparts a sense of laziness, although you’ll still be able to function pretty normally. There’s no couch-lock here, but remember that what goes up must come down.

Many medical patients turn to this strain for relief from a variety of conditions, including general pain and mood disorders. Those who struggle with headaches, cramps, or even migraines often love to take a toke or two before starting their day, and users who often feel fatigued find Red Haze to be a godsend. Depression and stress are no match for this powerful bud as it brings you to a euphoric place of bliss that won’t soon fade away.

Now here’s the catch, because there always is one, right? Red Haze takes a pretty long time to grow, sometimes between 12 and 14 weeks, and because of this commitment, commercial growers often opt for other choices that will help them to turn product around more quickly. That makes this strain hard to find in dispensaries, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow some yourself. Experts generally conclude that it’s moderately difficult to grow at home, so getting some extra help might be wise.

If you are fortunate enough to get your hands on some of this exotic flower, keep it safely guarded. The effects of Red Haze make it the perfect choice for a wake and bake situation and you may find that friends and roommates will want to get in on the action too. Between a strong set of flavors and an even better set of effects, what’s not to love?

THC Content - 22.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Red Haze Highest Test
Red Haze Average

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