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Hybrid - 50%
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
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About Q3

Q3 is a hybrid that provides consumers with long-lasting stimulation. Although this strain’s origin and genetic background are not well-known, it may be a distinct phenotype of the TGA Genetics strain Qleaner, which would make it a combination of Querkle and Jack’s Cleaner. In any case, Q3 provides users with buzzy effects and a fruity, well-rounded flavor profile. Q3’s THC content has been measured at between 16% and 24%.

Q3’s flowers are medium to large in size when trimmed and maintain a tapered, spadelike shape with a pointed tip. The buds have a classically indica internal structure, with a core that’s a dense web of stems and tightly curled leaves. These leaves themselves are mossy green wand are shot through with bright yellow pistils. Finally, translucent white trichomes dot all visible surfaces of these chunky buds, accounting for their psychoactivity.

These buds also have olfactory appeal, with a fruity aroma dominated by notes of apple and berry. A second or third whiff of Q3’s buds may also pick up on some notes of citrus. Grinding up or breaking apart the flowers, meanwhile, gives off a sweet and skunky tang. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, this strain burns with a smoke that may be overpowering or acrid for some. On the exhale, this heavy smoke has a sour orange flavor.

Like many other sativa-leaning strains, Q3 has a high that takes effect relatively quickly. Almost before they’ve finished exhaling (or coughing on) its smoke, this hybrid exerts an increased blood pressure around users’ eyes and temples. This sensation may also come with some flushing in the cheeks or a stimulation of the salivary glands. Once these strange sensations become more familiar, though, smokers may pick up on a change in the pace and intensity of their thinking. Ideas, concepts, or even inanimate objects can take on a fascination they might not otherwise have had. This cerebral attitude can be useful for finding solutions to entrenched problems, whether logistical and business-related or of a more personal nature. Q3’s ability to lift inhibitions on creative thinking may also be put to use in the service of freewheeling artistic projects.

After a little over an hour, Q3 introduces a palpable body high to complement its physical effects. Consumers may find themselves freed of any long-standing muscular tension as waves of relaxation roll down the spine and radiate out through the core. At this point, deep, restorative breathing may come more easily than before. Fortunately for those looking to stay focused, the strain’s earlier sense of mental clarity persists through these bodily effects. As such, Q3’s later stages manifest as a combination of physical and mental stimulation, making it a great way to enjoy activities (like exercise, sex, or dancing) that require full mind-body coordination. Because of its two-stage high, this strain is recommended for consumption later on in the day or in the early evening.

A versatile and enjoyable recreational smoke, Q3 can also have several benefits for medical cannabis patients. For one, its pervasive feeling of focus can help those with attention deficit disorders to concentrate on single tasks. Additionally, its mood-boosting effects may temporarily distract from the difficult symptoms of mild to moderate stress and depression. On the physical end of the spectrum, the strain may take the sting out of aches and pains, whether they’re temporary, as due to injury, or chronic, as due to serious conditions like lupus or cancer. Anti-inflammatory properties, meanwhile, can improve everyday discomforts like nausea. Because it comes with some risk of repetitive and recursive thinking, Q3 is not recommended for patients who are prone to anxiety or paranoia.

While seeds of Q3 are not available for sale online, prospective growers can obtain clippings from mature plants of the phenotype in order to cultivate “clones.” Specific tips on cultivating this strain are not available, but if the strain is indeed a variation on TGA’s Qleaner, first-time growers can expect a user-friendly harvest. Plants tend towards the taller side and indoor gardeners may need to occasionally prune back their crops to keep height manageable. This sativa-dominant bud may be reach maturity within 9 to 10 weeks.

An even-tempered smoke with a refreshing, fruity aroma, Q3 is as enjoyable savored alone as it is when shared with likeminded friends.

THC Content - 24.0% Highest Test

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Q3 Highest Test
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