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Purple Princess
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Purple Princess is an Indica-dominant hybrid, bred from Ice Princess and another parent disputed to be either Cinderella 99 or Twilight. Purple Princess is especially notable for a distinct grape taste that exists alongside its vivid color. Relatively low in THC at 14%, this strain has predominantly physical effects that are balanced by a subtle uplift in mood.

Buds of Purple Princess tend to be dense but small with an average trichome count. They range in color from faintly to entirely dark purple, as different phenotypes of the strain can have varying tendencies to produce the pigment anthocyanin; bright orange hairs contrast with the purple-green hues, giving this strain particular bag appeal. A sweet berry scent is most evident in the flowers, but gives way to sugary grape notes – almost reminiscent of grape-flavored fruit snacks – when ignited or vaporized. Purple princess has a smooth smoke when inhaled and some earthier notes of cinnamon or chocolate on exhale.

The high builds slowly - this strain is often referred to as a “creeper” - and may engender some initial confusion as you find yourself pinned down with deep feelings of contentment and relaxation. A great choice for evening use, Purple Princess is a gentle stress reliever. Although too low in CBD content to be considered medical-grade, it can nevertheless reduce general aches and pains. Its particular clear and creative mental high is an antidote to work-a-day monotony. 

Purple Princess can be grown indoors or outdoors. Because they flower relatively quickly at 5 to 7 weeks, plants can thrive even in a higher altitude with early frosts. This strain is known for a heavy yield with long, bunchy calyxes. 

Although not a knockout in terms of potency, Purple Princess delivers a well-balanced, mildly introspective effect that argues for quality of psychoactivity over quantity of THC. Its visual and palate appeal also make it a fun strain to show off or share with friends.

THC Content - 16.5% Highest Test

Average Indica
Purple Princess Highest Test
Purple Princess Average

Common Usage - Anxiety

Effects - Relax


1 reviews
1 months ago
Pretty good strain! love it
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