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About Purple Monkey Balls

If we could give the breeders who named this strain a pat on the back we would, but sadly, no one knows who to thank for Purple Monkey Balls. This evenly-balanced hybrid has very mysterious origins and unclear genetics to boot, with some assuming her parents include Granddaddy Purple, Mendo Purps, Deep Chunk, or even Afghani.

No matter where she really came from, Purple Monkey Balls brings the party with an average of 19% THC. Nugs look just as you’d imagine - round and purple, hence the name. Flavors, on the other hand, are incredibly appealing and include grape, pine, and a sweet berry note that has users questioning if this is more of a dessert strain or one that’s best enjoyed around lunchtime. Be aware that her aroma does include a detectable hint of skunk, so use discretion if needed.

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The effects that this strain can have on users are quite varied, and depending on your tolerance and how much you indulge, it can be ideal for daytime or better at night. Individuals notice that initially their mind becomes very clear with a strong urge to be social. This good mood persists for quite a while, yet as your high continues, relaxation becomes the only thing on the agenda. While some users may find this strain to be very sedative, others can use Purple Monkey Balls just to take the edge off and still remain quite functional.

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Evenly-balanced hybrids are often the best kind of bud for medical users as they literally bring the benefits of both worlds to your life. Mental concerns that include stress, depression, and even anxiety are quieted down after a few puffs, making this a great strain to try before a stressful day at work. At the same time, inflammation and bodily discomfort can also be addressed, helping those who are rather heavy handed to get a good night of sleep for once.

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Just being able to say that you’re growing your own Purple Monkey Balls is reason enough to plant this strain at home, but she’s surprisingly easy to cultivate along with having a great name. Those who are new to home growing will find this strain thrives in warm and dry climates, so keep that in mind when trying to determine if indoor or outdoor growth is appropriate. After 8 weeks you’ll end up with a modest harvest.

Tasty, fun, and great day or night - just what you thought Purple Monkey Balls would be like right? We guarantee that one look at these nugs will put a smile on your face and after you take a few tokes, you’ll understand what all the fuss is about. Keep some of this bud on hand at all times because you never know when you’ll need it.

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July 10, 2022

Junkie Bass Studio

We originally bought the seeds because we found the name amusing. We are glad that we did. This strain has been the perfect strain for anyone who has tried it. It is a perfect anytime of day strain.The strain does last for awhile, and provide great effects any smoker would enjoy. The head high gives you the giggles, opens creativity, and makes both depression and anxiety disappear. The body high is not sedating. You feel relaxed, light on your feet, and ready to enjoy the day pain and ache free.We have come to love this strain so much that we have added it to our breeding program to breed it with some of our most coveted strains.

April 14, 2020


Purple monkey balls origin is not as unknown as one would think. Bred by snowhigh of legendary genetix purple monkey balls is a sativa dominant heirloom landrace cross of Sputnik 1.0 and a cross of Acapulco gold and Cinderella 99. The flavor is very interesting and hard to place. Cedar grapefruit pine wine citrus and pepper all stand out with the Cinderella 99 jack herer terpene profile of pencil shavings coming to the top. The phenotype I was familiar with was a clone passed down from a patient of mine and it had beautiful pale sage green flowers with thin leaves ball shaped calyx bracts a good calyx to leaf ratio and swindling crowning fingers of calyx bracts stacked on each other. Finished in about 10-11 weeks.Not for novice growers, phenotype variation is abound.