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Purple Cream

Purple Cream

Hybrid - 50%
Lineage: Skunk #1OG Kush
Recommended time of use: Evening
Origin: Unknown
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About Purple Cream

On cold evenings when the mood is just right for some relaxation, take a hit of Purple Cream and become one with your couch. This strain is a hybrid of unknown origins, resulting in a choice that brings both indica and sativa effects in vague ratios. Expert cultivators believe that Purple Cream might be the offspring of Skunk and a type of Kush, but little is known about the history of this lovely lady.

THC levels are all over the place with Purple Cream. Perhaps due to such limited information out there, growers are ending up with all kinds of variations that range in how much they pack a punch. In general, Purple Cream offers from 10% all the way up to 24% but tends to average around 18%. Sticky and dense nugs are highlighted by frosty trichomes and a nice spattering of orange pistils. A sweet and floral aroma will instantly overtake your nose, with a fruity and earthy flavor palate that will dance around your mouth.

Purple Cream is the ultimate relaxation strain, with a complete mind and body high that differs from sativa-dominant choices. Even with a version that’s lower in THC, you’ll immediately feel washed clean of all worry, happy beyond belief, and might even come down with a few giggles here and there. Due to how mellow this strain will make you feel, it’s not uncommon to become glued to your couch or to fall asleep unexpectedly.

For these reasons, medicinal cannabis users absolutely love the effects of Purple Cream. Those who have a hard time letting go of negative thoughts and who are plagued by stress and depression can rely on this strain for letting them unwind and cheer up. If you suffer from body pain, nausea, or insomnia, the powerful relaxing effects of Purple Cream will do you right in no time at all.

Growing Purple Cream at home isn’t difficult, but finding your own cutting to cultivate might be nearly impossible. Should you get your hands on a rare piece, this strain will follow typical indica growth characteristics, flowering in approximately 8 weeks. She isn’t too picky when it comes to soil choice or environment, but Sea of Green techniques are recommended in order to get a decent yield once it’s time to harvest.

For a high that will practically melt you into a big puddle of human, give Purple Cream a try. Keep in mind that it can bring about a dry mouth, dizziness, or even a headache if you overdo it. If you end up growing your own, make this strain one of the most prized plants in your collection.

THC Content - 24.0% Highest Test

Average Hybrid
Purple Cream Highest Test
Purple Cream Average

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