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Purple Cow

Purple Cow

Sativa - 70% Leaning
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
Origin: United States
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About Purple Cow

As if enough people don’t already move to Seattle, this strain from mystery breeders offers another reason to show up. Only found in this Pacific NW city, Purple Cow brings a 70/30 sativa-dominant strain to the market with gorgeous flavors and awesome effects. Flo and Dairy Queen have crossed paths to create something truly special here.

Purple Cow is an ideal strain for most users, as an average THC level of 17% is just enough to kick things off in the right direction. What people mostly can’t stop talking about are the flavors that this bud brings, with berries and cream coating your palette. A contrasting blend of sour mango with berry meets your nose on the exhale. Purple Cow nugs are, you guessed it, tinged purple with deep undertones and light colored trichomes.

A bold strain that meets users right off the bat with an uplifting spirit and sense of focus, you’ll feel instantly motivated to get some stuff done. Demolish your to-do list and then settle in for some sort of artistic outlet, because as your high progresses you’ll feel more and more introspective and dreamy. Painting, writing, and singing are all good choices here. While Purple Cow mostly shows you her sativa side, keep in mind that the indica effects are bound to kick in at any moment.

Although she doesn’t have much measurable CBD to boast of, Purple Cow ends up being a fan favorite in the medical community. Imagine living with chronic pain or a mental condition that keeps you from being your best self, and then contrast that with being able to experience your life from the Purple Cow perspective. It’s quite the difference, making this strain desirable for a host of reasons. Even if you aren’t typically a medical user, we all have our off days and having some of this strain around can come in quite handy.

Not much information is circulating around how to raise your own Purple Cow, which probably means you have to make that overdue trip to Seattle just to indulge in her awesomeness. If you do happen to obtain seeds, a clone, or even some clippings, use some common sense and treat her like you would any other sativa-dominant plant. Enlisting the help of experienced growers won’t hurt either.

Many love this strain for her flavors alone, which are certainly enough to keep you coming back for more. Yet when you realize just how amazing your day can be with this little boost to your mind, body, and spirit, it makes Purple Cow a heavily sought after strain. Take a chance, brave the rain, and come visit Seattle for some of this amazing bud.

THC Content - 19.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Purple Cow Highest Test
Purple Cow Average

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