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An incredibly rare strain bred from classics in the cannabis world, Purple Alien OG is one that people will be talking about for ages. Unknown breeders have crossed Tahoe OG with Alien Kush to create a super potent indica-dominant strain. Prized by the medical community, Purple Alien OG will soon become the most anticipated part of your evening.

Let’s be honest, an average of 15% THC isn’t exactly something to write home about anymore. However despite this seemingly moderate potency, this strain offers plenty of other redeeming qualities. Earthy berry, sweet grape, and just a kick of citrus at the end make up this tasty strain, allowing you to feel as if you’re enjoying a fruit bowl from a far-off land. Buds are fluffy with a ton of purple coloration seen in the pistils, trichomes, and resin.

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After a long day at a job you hate, a fight with your partner, or yet another 12 hours of seemingly incurable bodily pain, Purple Alien OG is here to whisk you away. Your high begins with a cerebral lift that’s downright euphoric, giving you a slight bit of energy but mostly turning your thoughts inward to a place of introspection. Fits of giggles may ensue, but soon enough you’ll become one with your couch. You may as well submit, as you’ll find yourself falling fast asleep in no time at all.

Typical Effects


It goes without saying that insomniacs love this strain for her ability to ease racing thoughts and allow relaxation to permeate one’s entire body. Mental concerns as well as physical pain simply vanish for the duration of the high, and if you’re awake long enough to get the munchies, those who suffer from a lack of appetite will be thankful. While it might seem that users should have as much as they’d like, keep in mind that a severe case of cottonmouth will await you if you’re too heavy-handed.

Growing your own Purple Alien OG isn’t exactly rocket science, but it may be a plant more suited for those who have gone around the block at least once. With a hearty structure she’s able to be cultivated in slightly cooler outdoor climates, but overall will do well inside or out. Be sure to gift her with some nutrients and in 8 to 9 weeks you’ll be well on your way to a nice sized harvest.

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A hard day at work calls for some extra self-care, and Purple Alien OG is just the gal to give it to you. While it would be great to feel this relaxed and dreamy all of the time, you’d probably have a hard time actually adulting. Keep this strain set aside for the evening time or on weekends when you just have to get away from it all.

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July 28, 2020

andrea orr

that weed will send you out of this world