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About Platinum Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is one of the cannabis superstars that has people clamoring for the seeds and the weed from coast to coast. So it’s only natural for Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, the second type behind the more talked-about Thin Mint GSC, to be a fan-favorite. The taste is silky and the THC levels are perched on a mental mountaintop -- it’ll have you flying, destroying your pain and anxiety. This is the holy grail of stress relief.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies leans slightly Indica (60/40) and flowers in about 9 weeks. Since the strain is popular, experienced growers have a lot of tips for how to maximize the yield of this somewhat temperamental plant. Platinum GSC resists pests like spider mites but it’s not invincible. If you see those little bugs popping up (they look like white and yellow specks on the leaves), you might have a crop-destroying infestation on your hands. Try homemade pesticide solutions to ensure you don’t hurt the dark green leaves and gorgeous, bright-orange hairs.

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Other growing tips include cropping the Platinum GSC canopy to prevent crowding and using HIDs (high-intensity discharge lights) to light large growing rooms. They can be a godsend during the vegetative state when it comes to maximizing your Platinum crop’s yield.

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Either way, let’s assume you’ve gotten your hands on some choice GSC. You’ll notice that its fragrance is outdoorsy, full of earth and pine notes, sweet and pungent like fresh soil. The flavor is sweet and earthy as well. It’s mixed with tones of candied berries, fruits, and spicy herbs -- Platinum GSC is an all-around pleasant smoke. As a cross between a Durban Poison hybrid and the unstoppable OG Kush, we expected nothing less.

The THC levels soar up to 26%, offering incredible relief for people suffering from various forms of anxiety, stress, and depression. In a pinch, this strain can help insomniacs, though it’s more frequently recommended for pain. It can help release muscle spasms, calm bouts of attention disorders like ADD, and even treat arthritis symptoms.

The Platinum Girl Scout Cookies smoke is cloudy, almost milky-white, and smells sweetly pungent. The tastes that mix into the atmosphere of your room include cherry, mint, herbs, candy, berries, and even a tiny hint of chocolate. The earthy, pinelike beauty of this relaxation superstar could be the MVP of your stress relief team. The creative energy and happy euphoria are winners in our book.

Recent Customer Reviews


PGSC has such a unique after taste. Clean burning and easy on the lungs. Makes eyes feel nice and fuzzy just in time for bed or places a cone of chillness around you if you have shit to do. Definitely recommend 👌


Great for evening relaxation. Cares and pain float away fast. Stronger side of things. Very pleasant buzz. I like to relax and watch a movie after I spark up...

James james

It’s good smells great

Barack Crowbama

One of my favorite indicas I've had by far! It is really pretty and beautiful smelling with a very unique taste!