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History & Genetics

People work now more than they’ve ever worked before. And it doesn’t help that our phones and computers give us access to work all the time. You may not even notice the stress building up, consuming your mood in the low-level rain clouds of your thoughts, always the next shift or the latest project or another thing you forgot. There’s no better reason to give Pink Runtz a try than to trade a buildup of stress for a blast of unfocused happiness.

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Pink Runtz was bred in-house by CopyCat Genetics by crossing a Pink Panties clone to a reversal of Runtz. Cali is the only place you can get the Runtz variants for now, but their buzzy, happiness-inducing effects are becoming so well-known that this may change soon. Unlike most strains, Pink Runtz boasts over 30% in total cannabinoids. Its THC is anywhere from 26-30%, CBD from 1-2% and it's CBG content coming in at 1-2% as well.

Typical Effects


Common Usage

Traumatic Stress
Traumatic Stress

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

Users report a taste that lingers like sour candy, with a kind of zesty undertone. The aroma is mild, so the strain has become a favorite of people who want to smoke without the whole world knowing. Pink Runtz isn’t shy visually, though, sporting a chroma of every rainbow color imaginable from its purple and blue leaves out to the dark pinks of its edges. Its trichomes come in thick as frost.

THC Content












When you take a drag of Pink Runtz, especially if you bring negative, work-stressed, racing thoughts to the table, the strain goes hard to work at blowing your brain up into a happy balloon. Its 24% THC average begins to move those thoughts to the side in exchange for a loss of focus, a rush of cerebral certainty, and a feeling of strange giddiness. And that’s not all (TV announcer voice).

The thing that most draws people to Pink Runtz is what comes after a physical, tingly buzz that fights pain in your entire body. Kicking back on this strain, especially for people with muscle pain, can be an incredible relief. When you find yourself in stressful situations or need to kick that bad mood out the door, Pink Runtz is here to help! Pink Runtz is known to bring on the munchies too, so it can be very useful for people also trying to increase their appetite. 


Pink Runtz is a relatively easy strain to grow and is recommended for beginners. Its yield is above average and the flowering time is 8 to 9 weeks. It grows anywhere from 3 to 6 feet which makes it perfect for low ceilings or small spaces. These plants can grow indoor or outdoor, but prefer warmer climates or sub-tropical temperatures.

When you have to chase away the pain, you might as well do it with cherry-berry-fruity-sweety-candy-rainbow goodness. Pink Runtz brings all of the above to the table. 


June 25, 2023


Gas ⛽️ Delivered 🚛My eighth of Pink Runtz by Gas ⛽️ Caps 🧢 was a 50/50 Hybrid containing 36.69% THC 🤯😵‍💫🫠😵😳🤪😱!! Dark green buds covered in small off white cloudy ☁️ trichomes. Smell 👃 & taste 👅 was that sweet fruity Runtz goodness. Effects gave me happy 😃 energy ⚡️followed by mellow relaxation. As good as I have had by Gas Caps.💨 Enjoy The Pleasure Of The Smoke 💨

March 9, 2023

Sarah Voicu

This is the best stabilizer I have had. Maybe should have been RX with ADHD or antisocial or bi polar or everything in between. I work in logistics and it's my daily. In the morning on the way, I take a few puffs of the pen and see right. It lasts for 3 to 4 hours in time for a ciggy break. Were I take a 3 to 4 more after lunch and I can take on the world. As an ops manager with truck drivers, it gives me the cheerful glee to get by. I always go for this stain

February 11, 2023

Vicki avila

Honestly, I was experiencing bad anxiety and heart palpitations with some other strains. I usually struggle with secrete Vivid nightmares, high anxiety and stress, severe depression and just always needing to get things done, but then I tried pink runtz and it truly made a difference. As of right now it is the only thing I’ll smoke because I’m so comfortable with it. I can relax laugh and play video games and EAT!! The food has never tasted better. I sleep with NO nightmares everytime I smoke pink runtz, I barely feel stressed and or depressed. It’s a very calm, relaxing, high positivity high! I love it so much! The only thing I don’t like is I wake up with a lot of lip and mouth buildup from dry mouth but that’s was a tooth brush is for!<3

June 22, 2022

Taylor Alessi

Good taste burn slow Turpines inside of it on the pinene side. Defined by relaxation really is a good flower. Highly recommend

April 4, 2022

Nyx Dixon

Pretty good, I think its funny it made half the people I smoked it with sleepy, and the rest of us were pretty energized. Your mileage may vary but it was some good shit.