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Reportedly created for the specific purpose of being used with chemotherapy, to help fight against its adverse effects, Painkiller is the brainchild of the breeder Dr. Underground. The mother of this strain is Sensi Star from Sensi Seeds, a stabilized mostly-Indica landrace hybrid. Dr. Underground crossed the mother with a White Russian from Serious Seeds, which is a mix of AK-47 and White Widow.  Described by many as narcotic and sleep inducing, Painkiller smells and tastes of earth and fruit, with just a bit of spiciness in the aftertaste. This strain has also been praised by some for not leaving users feeling groggy or out of it the next morning.

Not really suitable for use during daytime hours, the strain is most often chosen to help alleviate a variety of different aches and pains. It has been used to treat the symptoms of glaucoma, insomnia, nausea and anorexia. Some patients find that it may ease the difficulties caused by multiple sclerosis , anxiety and depression.

Dr. Underground recommends growing Painkiller with the Sea of Green method, stating that it does best in both hydroponic and aeroponic setups. The strain can be grown outside or in a greenhouse as well, where it will be ready the end of  September. When it is grown indoors, the strain needs between seven and eight weeks to finish maturing for harvest of up to 600 grams. Reports from those growing it outside state yields as high as 800 grams per plant.

THC Content - 18.0% Highest Test

Average Indica
Painkiller Highest Test
Painkiller Average

Common Usage - Pain

Effects - Euphoria


1 reviews
Jonathan Hands
5 months ago
I grew this last summer, and true to its name, it really works well for pain relief. While it is great to smoke, I prefer to make infused oil. This strain will make you very stoned, but relaxed. No racing thoughts or paranoia. But be careful using it in the day if you've got anything to do that requires a lot of energy. Recommended also for just serious relaxation.
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