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Awaken your taste buds and open your mind with this sweet and citrusy strain from Gage Green Genetics. By cross-breeding Joseph with California Orange and OG Kush, the resulting hybrid was named Orange Juice for good reason. A 70/30 indica-dominant strain, users will feel relaxed, happy, and clear-headed.

Orange Juice is a mild strain that comes in at a high of 15% THC, so it’s great for people who want to be functional during the day. The large and light green nugs are attractive to many, as their aroma and taste are incredibly good. Purple undertones and frosty trichomes give way to a smell that’s rich with orange and lemon, with slight hints of berry. It has just a hint of a sour smell in the best way possible. Orange Juice tastes as good as you’d think, with a bit of an earthy sharpness upon exhale.

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Users love how balanced this strain is, offering a high to both the mind and body. A cerebral buzz gives you a jolt of energy and the motivation to get things done, even in the morning hours. As you travel along your journey, Orange Juice gives way to a mellow body high that makes you feel super relaxed without weighing you down. You’ll be euphoric, giggly, and social despite feeling a wave of calm throughout your body.

Typical Effects


Medical users love Orange Juice for its ability to relieve pain while providing total relaxation and stress relief. Since it can have a rather mellow effect on some, it’s also good for a before bed toke to help with insomnia. Others note this strain’s ability to help with nausea and help increase appetite, and the mind and body mellowness is a great choice for those with depression or anxiety.

Orange Juice plants are quite the sight, with dense and large buds aplenty. While the yield is slightly lower than average, it has a typical 8 to 9 week flowering cycle. Overall, this strain is a bit on the difficult side when it comes to growing at home. You don’t necessarily need to be an expert, but it’s probably not the best for novices either.

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Chronic pain, daily stress, and even PMS can all be alleviated by Orange Juice, as it gives users a mellow and relaxing high without impairing their ability to function. Affecting both the mind and body, people love its initial cerebral high that boosts one’s focus. Try it first thing in the morning or as an afternoon pick-me-up the next time you want a delicious tasting smoke.

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October 23, 2022

brittany herrera

didn't enjoy it slept for a few hours and took to much hated it and paranoid also felt fuzzy didn't want to touch anything

May 1, 2018

John filla

Just got this in Colorado very tasty great easy high use this for insomnia and chronic pain.