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Orange 43 may sound like the codename of an illegal weapon of war (and we can’t guarantee that you won’t feel gassed). At 31% maximum THC, anything’s possible. Orange 43 is potent enough to take out a migraine or chronic pain condition, certainly enough to lock you to your couch. This is one of many kick-back strains, but we may need to call this one “kick out.” The flavor is bright. Your mind won’t be.

Franchise Genetics came up with this one by crossing Orange Kush with White Fire 43, letting it favor Indica (70/30) with that signature Kush slant. Beginning growers are advised to stay away since the strain is a little temperamental with climate, favoring semi-humid conditions and a weird growing pattern. It won’t keep you waiting though – Orange 43 flowers in around 60 days.

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The plant itself gives off whiffs of what’s to come: bright citrus and undercurrents of fuel and vanilla. There are terpene profiles and there are terpene profiles – Orange 43 is a “smell it through the baggie,” you could literally sniff it out at an airport yourself, terpene profile. Earthy, spicy, and sour, Orange 43’s aroma drifts off its fluffy nugs and pink hairs and trichomes to entice you to stay awhile. You won’t have a choice.

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With an average THC content in the upper 20s, Orange 43 packs a punch for a beginner. But if you’re someone with a particularly bad headache problem, spasming muscles, pain conditions, or a bout of stress, you may need to overcompensate. Orange 43’s high starts pretty slowly, seeping into your brain crevices, slicing into your stress with a knife of zesty orange calm, and helping you find clarity. You’ll be relaxed and creative, focused, fading, and then gone.

What we love about Orange 43 is that it can help you sink into an easy calm without losing focus. Those who value consciousness and creativity should love that the strain doesn’t put them out – this isn’t one for insomniacs. Instead, it’s for users that want to blast depression with focus and relaxation. A bad cramp can cause all kinds of painful imbalances that Orange 43 can help you fight (and it is a fight).

THC Content











If you want to be uplifted and creative, you need a little help. Experimental weapon Orange 43 could do the trick, provided you’re not too squeamish with high THC levels.

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October 19, 2022

Cody Banxx

This is in The Top 3 best strains in my opinion. 360 All Around Incredible Smell, taste, consistency, and Smoke.

October 8, 2022

John bolton

The buzz is good . But it does not taste like the reviews suggests . It has no orange taste at all . Just taste like dirt. No citrus taste , or vinnilia taste. Klutch brand is usually one of the best . But this Orange 43 is a disappointment.

November 6, 2021

Alan L Katz

A daytime indica, it delivers both pain relief (I just got my COVID booster in one arm and this year's flu shot in the other arm & I haven't glanced toward the ibuprofen yet) and a Durban Poison quality focus. Definite citrus on the nose, even more so when it's ground and shaken a little. Diesel and citrus in the exhale. As someone who's always skeptical about "daytime indicas", Orange 43 could make me a true believer.

April 3, 2021

mike gaebelein

Good all-around Indica dominant hybrid for any type of situation.