Nurse Jackie

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About Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie is a mostly sativa hybrid with an exceptionally strong herbal flavor. Named after the troubled emergency room nurse portrayed by Edie Falco on Showtime, Nurse Jackie offers long-lasting cerebral effects. This strain was created by Pacific Northwest-based Homegrown Natural Wonders as a cross between pungent Jack the Ripper and potent Medicine Woman. Despite its namesake’s fondness for prescription opioids, this bud renders such drugs unnecessary, calming both the mind and the body. Nurse Jackie’s THC content has been measured at between 14% and 24%.

Nurse Jackie’s flowers tend to take two distinct shapes: some are rounded, almost spherical buds, while others form as elongated, spindly blossoms. In either case, the flowers have a characteristically sativa bud structure, with fluffy, loose leaves that can be easily torn away from their central stems. These leaves are a bluish green -- almost like sage -- and are twisted through with hairy orange pistils. Cloudy amber trichomes also dot the leaves, giving them a yellowish hue and making them particularly sticky.

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When properly cured, Nurse Jackie gives off an unmistakable lemon scent that fills the nostrils. On closer inspection, there are also notes of pine and herbs, which mix with the strain’s lemon aroma to create the impression of a cup of herbal tea. Grinding up these fluffy buds yields some strong, ammonia-tinged fumes. When burnt and inhaled, Nurse Jackie may be harsh and acrid, triggering watery eyes or coughing fits. On the exhale, though, this smoke tastes like a pleasant combination of earthy pine and citrus.

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Nurse Jackie’s tenacious high hits quickly, exerting a pressure on the blood vessels around the smoker’s eyes and forehead. After adjusting to this sensation, users may also notice an elevated heart rate, along with a rapid improvement in mood. Those lucky enough to tap into this bud’s euphoric effects may find that any prior stresses seem temporarily irrelevant under the weight of Nurse Jackie’s positive vibes. Besides creating a general sense of well-being, this strain also does a good deal of mental stimulation. It can spark new patterns of cerebral thinking, causing thoughts to flow from one to the next in rapid succession. Some may find this feeling of “mindrace” disorienting, but in the right set and setting, it can be just the thing to open up new pathways of creativity. As such, Nurse Jackie is great for task-based work, as well as for more introspective acts of self-edification. In a solo setting, simply clear your mind and kick back with some dynamic music or an engaging movie or documentary. This strain’s upbeat energy can also be uniquely social, especially if you’re surrounded by chatty friends. With very few of the sleepy, groggy effects that come with more indica-inflected strains, Nurse Jackie isn’t liable to lay its users out flat with couchlock. This strain is best consumed during the day, or whenever smokers are most active; if enjoyed before bed, it’s likely to keep users awake and wired.

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It almost goes without saying that a strain dubbed Nurse Jackie has value for medical cannabis patients as well. The strain can help those with mild to moderate stress or depression to spend their time more presently and consciously. Despite a lack of physical stimulation, it may also soothe pain, whether it’s temporary, as due to injury, or chronic, as due to conditions like lupus or arthritis. The bud’s anti-inflammatory properties may take care of everyday irritations like headaches or nausea. Because its intense, recursive patterns of thinking may lead to paranoia, Nurse Jackie is not recommended for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low tolerance for THC.

Homegrown Natural Wonders has made seeds of Nurse Jackie available through several digital retailers. Once obtained, it can be grown indoors or out, although successful outdoor cultivation calls for a semi-humid climate with daytime temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. As with many sativas, Nurse Jackie’s plants can grow very tall; indoor growers should trim back their crops early on in order to train them to fit in limited spaces. Nurse Jackie flowers within 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors and offers growers a high yield for their efforts.

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Whether you’re using it to medicate or to simply enhance an afternoon, Nurse Jackie is a potent and valuable sativa. It’s somewhat difficult to come by outside of the U.S. West Coast -- snatch it up if you spot it at a dispensary near you.


January 31, 2020


Taste like haze fluffy good head high price is wonderful looks untrimmed that just that flower it self would recommend thcA 26.1

April 23, 2018

Donna Lee Nelson

Hi, as an mmj patient today I was fortunate enough to experience Nurse Jackie. I highly recommend this strain to anyone with moderate to severe pain issues. I'm calling it one of my favorites. I would, however, like to add that Nurse Jackie is not for those with a low thc tolerance as it may cause anxiety. Thanks for the relief Nurse Jackie!