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About Now N Later

Now N Later may get its name from how hard it hits: the high hits you now and lasts until later. Or it may just be a reference to the popular candy due to the strain’s sugary sweet palette. Mouths water to get a taste of Now N Later, but those with chronic mental conditions enjoy it purely for its mind-blowing high. Beyond Top Shelf bred the strain from Abula and Zkittlez, but everyone can enjoy it now.

The strain is a balance between Indica and Sativa (50/50) and flowers in about 65 days. Now N Later is known as a bit of a temperamental strain to grow, as it requires a lot of training and trimming before the flower cycle. Left on its own, the plant neglects its colas and produces a smaller crop, so this attention is necessary.

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When it does finish growing, it produces dense flowers coated in a layer of frosty trichomes. This means that mildew powder and mold can be common problems once the strain has flipped to the flower cycle, so you need to take precautions against those too. This means making sure your humidity levels are under control and keeping the colas upright in their netting, not leaning on a wall or other surface.

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If you can manage it, Now N Later grows leaves that are wide and large, densely foliated, and shaded in beautiful deep greens. Underneath lies a vibrant blue in the bushy body of the plant, almost the color of the dark ocean. The colas grow huge, with round buds separated from the main plant, crystalized with a mass of trichomes.

After being invited to Now N Later’s dense, frosty appearance, you’ll be greeted by a scent of natural herbs, pungent earth and wood, and undertones of spice. Under that, a sour citrus aroma can be detected, especially if you grind your own flowers. You may detect cherry and watermelon as well – lots of candy flavors that stem from its namesake.

When smoked, these fruit and wood tones mix into a cocktail of funky herbal earth, leaving just a hint of candy when you exhale. It’s known for being delicious.

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If you’re having a stressful week (aren’t we all?), Now N Later can help. It’s a big-boned sedative to force yourself into a state of couch-locked blissful stupor, relaxed, slouched, and soothed. With Now N Later on your side, you can fight against stress, depression, insomnia, anxiety, and any other tension. Those dealing with muscle spasms, headaches, loss of appetite, or chronic pain should pop Now N Later like the candy it is.

It may be a bit temperamental to grow, but Now N Later offers terrific repose from your hectic week and a genuine sense of calm. It can drop you into perfect relaxation and knock you out for a good night’s sleep. You won’t be in the mood to work or socialize on Now N Later. We recommend unwinding a long day in the evening with this strain, especially if you want your brain to give you a break.


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This is by far the best shit I have even smoked. The weed smells great, 100% get it when you get the chance