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Northern Skunk

Northern Skunk

Indica - 80% Leaning
Recommended time of use: Evening
Origin: Unknown
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About Northern Skunk

A popular strain from unknown origins, Northern Skunk is a moderately powerful indica-dominant plant that boosts your mood and relaxes your body. Bred from a cross between Super Skunk and Northern Lights, it’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening and is great for recreational and medical users alike.

Northern Skunk is just strong enough to be a great choice for experienced users and will bring a heck of a good time to novices with her 14% THC average. Nugs tend to be a dark green tone and feature hairs that reach an almost purple shade. The flavor experience of this strain is unusual but quite pleasing, with skunk, earth, and pepper hitting you upfront. Citrus and pine slowly creep in and bring a pleasant amount of sweetness to offset the other harsher notes.

This strain is incredibly balanced despite bringing an 80/20 ratio to the table. Users will feel uplifted and joyful at the beginning of the high, and while you may not have a burst of energy, you’ll be soaring and feeling really good. Soon enough relaxation will become the name of the game, and while you’ll remain in a euphoric state, you’ll start to slip into a somewhat immobile place. For most, munchies and cottonmouth kick in pretty heavy, so make sure to prepare yourself appropriately.

An excellent bud for all-around medicinal use, Northern Skunk brings a beneficial set of effects for nearly any ailment. Common concerns of pain, headaches, and even nausea can all be quelled with just a few puffs. Anyone susceptible to being overly stressed out or feeling depressed will also find relief with this lovely strain. When you want to have a restful night, try a bit of Northern Skunk just before the end of the work day.

A strain for all experience levels, Northern Skunk can be cultivated inside, outdoors, or even in a greenhouse environment. Plants can mature to a very tall height, so keeping an eye on your crop is essential. If you’re impatient, this is the strain for you, as only 8 to 9 weeks are required for full flowering. A decent harvest will be easy to accomplish if you can maintain a dry and well-lit space.

When two classic parents come together, the results can only be fabulous. Northern Skunk is a true testament to that logic, with a great set of effects and flavors that please just about everyone. Great before bed or even better as you start to wind down your day, it’s a variety that’s become a favorite of just about everyone. Try grooming your green thumb with this plant in your home garden, or if you’re not the cultivating type, keep your eyes out for Northern Skunk the next time you visit your local dispensary.

THC Content - 14.0% Highest Test

Average Indica
Northern Skunk Highest Test
Northern Skunk Average

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