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North American

North American

Indica - 100%
Recommended time of use: Evening
Origin: CanadaMexicoUnited States
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About North American

Often termed for the continent they grow on, these landrace strains are actually North American Indica plants that bring pure indica effects to users. With a range of mellow attributes, welcome flavors, and powerful psychoactive benefits, North American is a strain that’s loved by many.

THC levels will vary here, as North American Indica strains can differ based on their growing conditions. In general though, users can expect around an 18% average, making these plants a great choice for all experience levels. Nugs can have a range of appearances too, although most have a healthy coating of trichomes and thick resin. Scents and flavors include pine, earth, coffee, and spice, and are said to be pleasing by most.

At the other end of the enthusiasm spectrum, indica strains in general offer very relaxing effects that can range from full-on couch lock to a mellow mood that evens out the sharp edges of life. North American can be counted on to bring a fairly reliable set of effects, although the timeframe and details of your high will differ based on what exactly you’re smoking. In general, users will become uplifted and happy while at the same time feeling a deep sense of mental and physical relaxation. Some note a focused sense of motivation at first, while others drift straight to sleep.

Due largely in part to its high THC values and the effects that patients can count on, North American is a great strain to rely on. First and foremost, issues stemming from insomnia or mental concerns including depression and stress are helped the most, with chronic and general pain coming next in line. While other strains may be more beneficial for specific ailments, most find that using this strain can help to combat a wide range of issues.

North American likes it hot, so outdoor gardens in a warm and humid climate will flourish. Plants mature to be quite short and heavy, so those who are cultivating indoors and don’t have much space will find this plant to be a breeze. An average of 8 to 9 weeks for flowering tends to bring you buds that are mature and full of sparkly trichomes, just waiting to be smoked by you and all of your friends.

Thankfully this strain isn’t super hard to find, but users should be on the lookout not only for North American in particular but also for hybrids that utilize this strain in their parentage. When you need a way to kick up your feet and shake off the dust of the day, a good indica strain is really all you need. Save some of North American for the end of a long day or when you just need to put the world on pause for a few hours.

THC Content - 19.0% Highest Test

Average Indica
North American Highest Test
North American Average

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