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About New Glue

Branding a product can be difficult, and when a strain undergoes a name change, getting the word out that it’s still the same bud can be even rougher. Such is the case with New Glue, a bud that many might know as Gorilla Glue #5. Bred by GG Strains, this potent plant is a cross between Sister Glue (GG1) and Original Glue (GG4).

Anything with the word Glue in the name should instantly clue you into just how strong it will be, and as you’d expect, New Glue tops out at a whopping 30% THC. These dense, lumpy nugs are completely covered in trichomes and feature more brown pistils than you typically find. If you’re into a strong and savory bud, this one’s for you, with smells and flavors that blend earth, pine, and diesel for an experience that’s super potent.

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Do you have things to do today? Get them done well ahead of your toke time, as New Glue puts you down for the count with ease. As the name entails, users find that they are glued to their couch, and with strong genetics and a potent cannabinoid makeup, are you really that surprised? Like many other indica-dominant buds, your relaxation will be prominent but so will your improved mood, hunger level, and even your state of arousal. Eat what you can and get your fun in toward the beginning of the high because as your comedown hits, you’ll likely be falling asleep.

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New Glue is naturally a great choice for medicinal use as her effects are quick and powerful. Individuals who deal with overwhelming amounts of stress or depression will appreciate just how easily she boosts one’s mood, and instances of bodily pain go right out the window as you melt into your couch. Other conditions including insomnia, a lack of appetite, or even nausea can be quelled by her intense effects, making New Glue one to always keep on hand.

Despite the fact that GG Strains tends to limit their availability of this bud, home growers may be able to obtain some clones for themselves. This plant delivers a high yield when nurtured inside or outdoors, yet she tends to be very branchy and requires a lot of space. A quick flowering period means that you’ll be ready for harvest in about 8 to 9 weeks. 

While most cannabis strains can and should be enjoyed by all adults, we’d like to give a special word of caution when it comes to the Glue family. All strains within this genetic line, and especially New Glue, should be consumed with caution and is best left for experienced smokers. High levels of THC may cause paranoia or simply just a lousy time if you aren’t prepared, so proceed with caution. If you’ve been around the block before, light this baby up and get ready for a great night of sleep!


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