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Sativa - 100%
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
Origin: Nepal
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About Nepalese

Known the world over as one of the original and most respected marijuana strains, Nepalese refers to any plant that’s grown in the country of Nepal. This mountainous country has used cannabis for centuries as a part of their spiritual lives and the strain is now often crossed with other plants to create the hybrid varieties we enjoy today.

Nepalese strains tend to be moderately strong, with THC levels ranging between 14% and 17%. While there will be some variation from region to region, most buds are large and fluffy with thick hairs, few trichomes, and a sweet coating of resin. Citrus and lavender tend to be the most prominent notes within the strain, but hints of earth, wood, and flowers are also common.

Given that it’s a pure sativa strain, Nepalese brings a strong high that hits you immediately. Your emotional state will be lifted to one of extreme happiness, you’ll feel more alert, and you may even find yourself rather chatty. Creativity is often enhanced as well, making it a great choice for artists and musicians. As the effects move into the rest of your body, your muscles will be calmed with a welcome buzz. The comedown is fairly gentle, but users should be cautious to never overindulge. Nepalese can lead to racing thoughts and couchlock if you aren’t careful!

While your physical ailments will surely be eased with strains from Nepal, they are more effective for mental concerns including stress and depression. Its primary claim to fame includes lifting your spirits and calming your nerves, forcing you to think only happy thoughts during your high. A large amount of psychoactive effects tend to help with nausea and a lack of appetite as well.

Home growers may be surprised to find that despite its sativa roots, Nepalese grows just like an indica strain. Plants do not grow to be overly tall and are resistant to a wide range of molds, mildews, and even temperature swings. These landrace strains make great choices for a first-time cultivator, and after 8 to 9 weeks of care, you’ll end up with a pretty amazing yield. If you’re able to mirror the climate conditions of Nepal itself, the amount of bud these plants can produce is mind-boggling.

You may not know it, but some of your favorite hybrid strains probably owe some element of their parentage to Nepalese. It’s a strain that can be considered one of the OG plants in the cannabis world, and for good reason. Bringing an amazing set of effects along with a mellow and desirable flavor, these beauties from Nepal should be on your radar if they aren’t already.

THC Content - 17.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Nepalese Highest Test
Nepalese Average

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