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Negra 44

Negra 44

Indica - 80% Leaning
Lineage: Top 44
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
Origin: Spain
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About Negra 44

Every time you smoke with friends, you can’t assume that everyone is looking to get high out of their minds, right? Right. That’s where Negra 44 comes in, as breeders from Spain created a strain that’s strong enough to make a difference but mild enough for all. By crossing Top 44 with Ghana landrace strains, R-Kiem Seeds’ offspring is loved the world over.

THC content is very consistent here, with 11% being a number you can count on. An interesting look comes along with nugs of this strain, as olive green colors feature purple tones, nearly clear pistils, and white trichomes that resemble sand. Both flavors and smells mirror each other and are quite pleasing, blending elements of citrus, earth, and herbs to create a complex bouquet that’s sweet and savory.

Imagine being wrapped up in a cozy blanket with a stomach full of your favorite food - that’s how happy the Negra 44 high will make you feel. After just a few tokes you’ll be lifted to a mentally clear and peaceful place that encourages socialization and creative thinking. A temporary boost in energy is a great addition to the mix, often times allowing users to get a lot done before relaxation sets in. You’ll come down into a mellow buzz that makes you hungry, but thankfully you will actually have the energy needed to grab some snacks.

As far as user reports are concerned, the medical benefits of Negra 44 are still unclear. Typically only strains with a high THC percentage tend to make a lasting impact on mental and physical ailments, although it can be argued that even a mellow strain like Negra 44 will have some benefits. If nothing else, its ability to boost your mood and impart some energy is better than a kick in the pants.

Negra 44 blesses home growers with an easygoing nature that makes her a welcome addition to any garden. Thriving indoors or outside, it’s a plant that doesn’t get too tall, has minimal odor, and is generally agreeable to everything you do. Many also love her quick turnaround time, as 8 weeks is really all that’s needed before harvesting.

Quite possibly the best strain to introduce to a first-time smoker, Negra 44 offers a gentle set of effects that are still noticeable enough to make a positive impact on your day. Try a hit the next time you need a pick me up and could use some mental clarity or bring it to a party for a treat that everyone will be able to enjoy. After a smoke or two, you might find that she becomes one of your favorites that remains in your stash at all times.

THC Content - 11.0% Highest Test

Average Indica
Negra 44 Highest Test
Negra 44 Average

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