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About Money Maker

Wind down for a super mellow evening with Money Maker, a hybrid strain created by Strain Hunters, the geniuses who came up with the great strain, Afgooey. They’ve crossed Master Kush, Hindu Kush, and Skunk #1 to create a pretty potent plant that gives you a happy and heavy high right off the bat. An indica-dominant strain weighing in at 70/30, it brings users moderate THC levels for both medicinal and recreational use.

Money Maker averages at about 20% THC and can top out at 23%, meaning you get a high that’s in your face and is best experienced by more seasoned users. A yummy smelling bud, it has strong notes of berries and spice that some say are reminiscent of fruitcake. Nuts, earth, and pine all blend together for a smell and taste that make it a joy to smoke. It’s also as pretty as it tastes, with minty cone-shaped nugs that are thick with frosty trichomes. Pistils are bright and in your face, just calling out for you to take a hit.

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Because of its relatively high THC levels, many users prefer to save Money Maker for bedtime, or at least later into their evening. Its high comes on strong and hard, leaving you feeling couch-locked yet clear enough to have rather existential thoughts about the meaning of life. You’ll be super relaxed and happy, and before sleepiness sets in, you may get very hungry. Be sure to keep your fridge fully stocked before smoking Money Maker, as it’s great for helping those with poor appetites.

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If you’re suffering from chronic pain, depression, or anxiety you’ll find welcome relief with Money Maker, as its powerful sedating effects are just the thing to take the edge off with a cerebral high. As you come down you’ll likely feel pretty tired, which makes this a great strain to smoke an hour or two before bed.

Money Maker grows fast and can produce a surprisingly large yield for being such a short little plant. It’s a lover of all sorts of climates and soil types, making it easy to grow for beginners and a cash crop for those who grow commercially, making its name rather appropriate. After a moderate 8-week flowering cycle, you’ll find that branches need to be supported to hold the dense and heavy flowers.

Plan your night accordingly before spending it with Money Maker, as you’ll come down into a sleepy and blissful state. Utilize the high to relieve yourself from a stressful day, zone out for a bit, and maybe have a few delicious snacks. Beginners should go easy on this lovely strain, but more experienced smokers will find it completely hits the spot.

Recent Customer Reviews


Very nice indica smoke.


Great strain pleasure to grow and smoke. Definitely couchlock. Growing is a pleasure nice shorts fat bushes with big dense buds.


So-so quality, but the issue is the seed itself. They are not stable at all! Bought 10 seeds, 4 didn't germinate (I only had 1 other seed in 4 years that didn't)...of the 6 that did, only 2 looke alike, the other 4 looked all different from the other two and each other! One hermied very badly, and another had a couple seeds (Never had a plant hermie either). Needless to say, i will not get this or anything from this breeder again, cheap seeds price wise, there is a reason why!