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About Midnight

If any strain of marijuana deserved the utmost respect, it’s this one. Bred by Tikum Olam in Israel, Midnight brings a wealth of medical relief to your life. As they are the largest medical cannabis supplier in the country, this breeder knows their stuff, and they also know how to keep strains proprietary. To this day, only the people at Tikum Olam know the genetics of Midnight.

Don’t be fooled by her seemingly low THC levels, because she more than makes up for it elsewhere. Midnight averages 11% THC yet brings between 8% and 12.5% CBD to the mix for intense relief. Buds boast greens and purples with a light coating of trichomes that resembles fine sugar. The scent is an odd mix of hash and earth with notes of blueberry, and while this grouping is less subtle on the tongue, you’ll notice a hint of lavender as you exhale.

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Often described as one of the most gentle highs out there, Midnight comes on delicately with an uplifting sensation that’s calming and euphoric. Rather than feeling overly stoney, your mind will clear and some even note a better ability to focus on specific tasks. While you might feel energetic at first and want to get a lot done, eventually the indica side of effects will have their way with you and lead you to a relaxing night of sleep.

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What else is there to say when it comes to Midnight and medical relief, except that it’s truly amazing? High CBD contents almost always promise a pain-free day, and whether your concerns are physical or mental, this strain is here to help. Stress and depression melt away as your mood is lifted and common issues including headaches or cramps are soothed with ease. As the strain often leads users to a deep sleep, those who struggle with insomnia find it to be a necessary option in their toolbox of life.

As previously mentioned, Tikum Olam keeps their strains under wraps, and the chance of getting your hands on some seeds isn’t even an option here. Only a limited supply of seeds are released and even then, they are specific when it comes to who has access. But fret not, as Midnight is a strain that’s found in many dispensaries across the world. Even if you can’t grow it, you can still smoke it.

Recent Customer Reviews

Julia Martinez

I absolutely love this strain!!! Amazing!!! I just smoked it, it feels so calming 💖💖💖💖

Richard Chirino

Hey, Ricky I'm Spanish as well and I agree the bud is very relaxing and relieving for nighttime. I also agree that it is horny weed lol with in a few minutes i felt arousal stimulant efgwcts from this energetic sativas buzz. Overall a great smoke and it reminds me of a croas taste of great white shark and afghani indica. If youve ever had great white shark its also a straon notorious for its cbd contents. One love yall!

Ricki spanish

My favorite strain of all time (so far)! This stuff is amazing, it gives you a floaty fuzzy head high. You get giggly and happy, this stuff is also makes you really horny so beware. It’s a lovely high that won’t put you on your ass but will make you super relaxed, great for pain too. It’s really great stuff, definitely try some if you can get your hands on it.