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Newer users may be pretty intimidated by this strain’s name, but in fact, Matanuska Thunder Fuck is a fairly gentle bud. Legend has it that this variety is grown in the grasslands of Alaska’s Matanuska Valley and without breeders or specific genetics to point to, this bud brings an air of mystery to everyone who dares enjoy her.

Also known as M.T.F., this strain typically measures between 13% and 16% THC with the occasional batch testing at just over 20%. Nugs are a very bright green and although their pistil coverage is a bit lacking, a wealth of white trichomes resemble a fresh blanket of snow. Both flavors and aromas match each other seamlessly, and many find that they’re very attracted to the blend of chocolate and fruit that Matanuska Thunder Fuck presents.

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The use of the word “thunder” naturally brings up images of lightning, and if you’re expecting this strain to hit you like a bolt to the head, you’ve got another thing coming. Matanuska Thunder Fuck takes a while to kick in and gradually provides a gentle feeling of relaxation and focus that’s pleasing without being overly sedative. Euphoria has no limits here, and while you might be able to wrap up the last few hours of your workday while experiencing this high, ultimately she’s designed for kicking your feet up and taking a load off. Many find that as this strain’s bodily tingles kick in a strong sensation of arousal also arrives, so you may want to share this bud with special friends.

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Like many other hybrids, Matanuska Thunder Fuck is exceptional at treating a huge array of ailments. Rather than solely focusing on physical or mental woes, this bud addresses nearly everything across the board including stress and depression, bodily pain and inflammation, and much more. Depending on your tolerance level, it could aid in battling fatigue or, if used in excess, could help with insomnia. It’s a bit of a dealer’s choice with this gal, so knowing your limits will help considerably.

A bit of experience under your belt will likely be helpful when it comes to cultivating this strain, and while she’s not overly difficult, a fair amount of pruning as well as supporting heavy branches will need to be addressed during her growth process. Overall, these plants end up being quite short, and if they’re grown in a Mediterranean climate, will mature in 8 to 9 weeks.

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Known as Matanuska Tundra outside of the United States, this strain is one that you have to try at least once. Her effects are manageable even for newer users and her flavors are exceptionally tasty. Whether you’re interested in addressing health issues or simply want to enjoy some time with a special loved one, Matanuska Thunder Fuck is a great choice.

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October 12, 2021

Charlie Ceddo

I so agree w/V -- MTF can be a magical, near-hallucinary experience, depending on the particular strain. Mind blowing, creative, almost a transcendent experience. Extremely euphoric. Brightening, lifting for the mood and major creative boosting. A slow-building thing.Other versions are quite good, in a Gelato kind of way, not as motivating.

September 14, 2021

Vyou Finder

This strain is anything but gentle. It comes from the Matanuska Valley, near Fishook. The Mat-Su Valley, contrary to this description, is glacial soil... as in Matanuska Glacier above the Matanuska Valley. In the '70's the road up to Independence Mine was hippies on both sides taking advantage of the nearly 24 hours of daylight summers to grow some of the dankest buds you never smoked. This is the strain that made Alaska famous. Alaskans know there are many imposters claiming to be the real MTF, but find the real thing and you'll know it.