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Experienced users who want to enjoy a complex flavor profile with super strong indica effects will love Mango Tango, a three-way cross between Peaches, Tangie, and True OG. Growers at Elemental Seeds have quite the strain on their hands, as it won first place overall at the SoCal Cannabis Cup in 2015 and is widely adored in the cannabis community.

As if Mango Tango wasn’t already perfect enough, it has a high THC content that’s sure to please. Average batches reach 24% with mint-colored aromatic buds caked with frosty trichomes. Users appreciate the medley of flavors that Mango Tango holds, with mango and citrus being the most prominent. Subtle pine notes can be detected, making this more than just a fruity strain. Nugs tend to be a beautiful mint color and boast deep amber colored pistils.

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Showing true indica effects through and through, Mango Tango will knock you out in the best way imaginable. Your high will come quite quickly and can make your head feel as if you’ve left the atmosphere. For some, this feeling can lend itself toward paranoia or anxiety, so make sure you don’t smoke too much! After getting your bearings for a moment, true relaxation will be yours, with a strong sedation that leaves you happy and glued to the couch. Balanced cerebral and body effects make Mango Tango a nice choice.

Typical Effects

Cotton Mouth
Cotton Mouth

As far as medicinal issues are concerned, this strain runs the gamut of addressing nearly everything you could be suffering from. It’s ideal for stress and depression, but also works wonders for chronic pain or even the occasional headache. Given that it makes users so incredibly relaxed, it’s recommended as an evening smoke that can help promote a restful night of sleep for insomniacs.

Individuals looking to grow their own Mango Tango are in for a treat, as this strain produces a nice and robust yield. Trying growing inside or outdoors, and after 8 to 9 weeks, get ready for dense buds that have an amazing scent. If you’re concerned about privacy, make sure to consider your neighbor’s ability to smell your plants!

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With a high that can last you several hours and will mellow you out in all the right ways, consider adding Mango Tango to your lineup of regular strains. Equally great for medicinal and recreational users, it offers a trifecta of benefits: high THC, amazing smell and taste, and indica effects that are off the charts.

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November 26, 2020


So good! Probably my favorite strain

August 4, 2018

1 Kush King

In 2015 this strain was the winner of the overall Southern California Cannabis Cup. Smell & taste was a pungent citrus pine. Buds were caked in a fine layer of milky white trichomes & the THC level was 23%. Made me happy, really relaxed, & mildly sleepy. Light it up!!