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History & Genetics

Mandarin Cookies is a unique sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. First grown in the United States, Mandarin Cookies is a proprietary strain first grown by Ethos Genetics. Although many online publications claim the strain to be the result of a GSC cross, this Colorado-based cannabis company claims that the strain is a cross of Ethos Cookie #12 and Mandarin Sunset. This crossbreeding resulted in 18 out of 18 plants being designated “keepers” by the growers, illustrating this cross’s powerful genetics. Mandarin Cookies is a daytime strain, with THC concentrations averaging around 20%, though some batches have tested at nearly 26%.

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Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

In line with its sativa-dominant genetics, Mandarin Cookies presents with elongated buds that look like bright green peppers. Occasionally, the buds present with deep purple hues which can make them look like an entirely different strain altogether. Winding yellowish hairs will wrap themselves around the surface of these buds, adding to its overall appearance. In addition, these buds are dusted with a fine coating of milky white trichomes.

Typical Effects


Common Usage


These buds produce an incredibly powerful aroma that is pleasant and not quite pungent in nature. As these buds are broken down, you should expect an aroma of earth, kush, and strong citrus overtones with a bit of pungency coming to light when the buds are ignited. The flavor is often one of the largest selling points of Mandarin Cookies, as it produces an incredibly bright and vibrant flavor. Users have reported tasting an incredibly light mixture of citrus and herbs, with a bit of a nutty almond exhale.

THC Content












In addition to the flavor, the high produced by these buds is a selling point of the strain. Mandarin Cookies has garnered quite a following, as it produces an incredibly uplifting and energetic high. When the high begins, you should expect a rush of euphoric energy to fill your headspace, erasing any negative thoughts and emotions. Creatives will find this strain an excellent tool in combating boredom, haze, and blocks of any kind.

This high spreads throughout the body quite rapidly, filling the mind and body with a tingling sensation that is beyond pleasant. As the high continues, it develops into a relaxing body high with a bit of a physical lull, making most users find a comfy spot to curl up in for a mid-afternoon nap. This sensation isn’t sedative in nature, more so it is relaxing to a point where even those who suffer from chronic discomfort will find relaxation.


Mandarin Cookies typically flowers in about 8-10 weeks. It's a pretty low maintenance strain to grow and can be grown indoors or outdoors. She does grow pretty tall, so make sure you're up to date on how to top your cannabis plants. 


December 8, 2022

Andrew Forlenza

Got some mandarin cookies, it tested at 25%thc which was the highest testing for the strain. The looks were a mixture of lime green Forrest green perfect orange hairs scattered nicely purple hues deep in the bud but still noticable before breaking down and the nose is delicious very sweet with citrus and diesel undertones but the tart sweetness is what stands out. The texture is a very sticky, not as dense as I expected. Kinda like a stinky sticky pillow lol. But once you have it rolled and light it up you forgive the pillow like density. This is probably one of the tastiest strains I've had the pleasure to enjoy. The delicious sweet diesel lingers. And the high is a happy uplifted yet sedating at the same time type buzz. 10/10!!!!!

August 28, 2022

Elizabeth Carrigan

Great morning smoke. It almost replaces the need for a coffee in the morning! If you wanna get up and get some chores done or have a fun outside active day this is the strain you've been dreaming of. You don't need much and it lasts about an hour so it's long lasting. If you aren't much of a coffee person but have a hard time starting your day this is the perfect match.

November 1, 2021


I bought this product in vape form. I go for a JOOS vape pen @300mg and having a total of 92% in this pen. I GOT HIGH HIGH!!!! I also realized that I hit it several times back to back lol! I will say it does taste very good. I really tasted the lemon-lime citrus flavor. Smells good also! It had me vibing hard while listening to some awesome music. I laid back and felt as if I was floating in the air and water. It also had me energized at times, just super happy. I'm really pleased with this hybrid. It was amazing! I would highly recommend it. Just don't take several hits in a row. Good luck! 😘

May 13, 2021


One of my all time favourites! Makes me so happy, and I don’t burnout after

September 7, 2020

Matthew Grizzle

This is my favorite strain, no question. It gives me the calmness and sense of well-being of an indica, but doesn't lock you down mentally or physically. While still not causing too much mental stimuli in the form of racing thoughts, more just calm, creative thoughts while feeling the way you sense you always should. Its just the best. Trust your source and get some of this if you can. It really is a life saver.