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Magic Jordan

Magic Jordan

Indica - 70% Leaning
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
Origin: United States
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About Magic Jordan

Is it a mashup of two famous basketball players? Not quite, although this strain certainly packs a punch unlike anything else you’ve experienced. Bred by well-known masterminds at Colorado Seed Inc., the parentage of this indica-dominant hybrid is up for questioning. Some say that it’s completely unknown while others speculate that Hawaiian Purple Trainwreck was somehow involved. No matter who had to be crossed to create Magic Jordan, we sure are thankful.

Newer users are cautioned against getting too crazy with this strain, as THC levels top out around 25% and can prove to be overwhelming. It’s hard to resist though, because Magic Jordan smells and tastes amazing. Scents of lemon, lime, and a bit of earthy kush will fill your nose and brightens up the room. Flavors feature mint and orange, with an herbaceous lemon-lime combination upon exhale. Nugs are long and tend to be light green with chunky trichomes and a fair amount of wiry orange hairs.

A popular strain for creative types, Magic Jordan lifts you up mentally and allows for great clarity and focus. Get through your writer’s block or finally start on that painting, as you’ll feel inspired from the start. At the same time that you’re knocking things off of your to-do list, you’ll notice a sense of deep relaxation that’s not tiring in any way, but rather simply imparts a sense of calm around you. Tingles soon become noticeable and before long you’ll feel amazing.

Medical users particularly love Magic Jordan for its high CBD levels, usually averaging around 6%. When you have a THC and CBD combination like this, you can completely kiss pain goodbye and look forward to your day. Not only are physical ailments handled with ease, but this strain also helps mood disorders as well. While we can’t guarantee that it’s a cure-all, there’s probably not much in the way of illness or discomfort that this strain can’t handle.

The good news continues as this strain is a great option for both new and experienced home growers. It’s relatively easy and requires basic care, and after 8 to 9 weeks produces a nicely sized yield. While it does well indoors, experts recommend planting Magic Jordan outside in a sunny climate for best results.

Slam dunk your way into the day with a strain that’s as delicious and strong as you’ve always wanted. As more and more people discover the magic that this bud can bring, you may find it with more regularity in your local dispensary. Enjoy the benefits that Magic Jordan brings to your life and make sure to always have some handy for those times when you need a little creative push.

THC Content - 25.0% Highest Test

Average Indica
Magic Jordan Highest Test
Magic Jordan Average

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