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Fall into a dream, blur the lines of reality, drift away on a cloud of Lucid Blue. This mind-bending strain by Gage Green Genetics is a powerful cross between Grateful Breath and Blue Dream that leaves the user feeling like they’re floating through a waking dream. This uplifting strain has the power to both relax the body and energize the mind without being too overpowering in either.

The wildly high THC levels, reaching 28% in some cases, are a big factor in this lucid fluidity, going straight to the head and then rounding out the body with 4% CBD. This bud has an aroma of fresh picked blueberries with undertones of grass and haze, perfect for any Haze family fan. The flavors are similar to blueberry being on the forefront and a hint of haze on the exhale. Lucid Blue nugs are minty green and spade-shaped with bright orange hairs and frosty trichomes that glitter in the light.

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Like you might expect, the Lucid Blue high is a dynamic blend of each of its parents, which lend to it an intensely energetic and kaleidoscopic feel. The uplifted high begins in the back of your head, making its way down your limbs and warming your core. Almost instantly after hit one you’ll feel a fluttering sensation that carries you through the beginnings of the high in a dreamy, but aware, state. As it builds you’ll feel a body tingle relaxing your muscles as a slight sedation kicks in. Your imagination will run wild on this bud, so if you’re an artist now's the time to dive into your craft.

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Women's Health
Women's Health

The powerful effects of this strain make it touch and go medically. While it’s highly beneficial in some areas, other areas are a solid no. For example, this strain is great for some mental health issues, like depression and stress, but can agitate others such as mania, anxiety, or PTSD. It is a stimulant, so digestive disorders or appetite disorders benefit greatly from Lucid Blue. If you suffer from chronic fatigue, yawn no more. This strain will give you the energy you need to get through the day.

Gage Green suggests a 7 to 8 week flowering time or until the buds are rock hard and all pistils have receded. While it does flourish in either indoor or outdoor conditions, according to some cultivators, this male dominant plant prefers the indoors with soil and does well in SOG systems. Enjoy above average yields of large spade-shaped buds.

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Explore your mind with Lucid Blue. This energetic high is definitely one to take on an adventure if that’s your thing. If you’re more into the mellow sit, chill, smoke toke, it’s good for that too. Try it with a spiced blunt wrap to kick up the already stellar flavors, or give it a try in a vaporizer to give it a little extra smoothness.

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January 4, 2023


Blue dream but on steroids 10/10 would recommend anyone who likes sativa to give it a try

May 23, 2020

Jessica Hughes

I've been on a journey to find the strain that combat's my anxiety and ADD at the same time. This is it! Perfect in between.

October 15, 2019

Denis Tupper


August 5, 2019

Wesley Towne

It gives me the energy at night to keep me going

November 12, 2018

Jaz Lopez

Pretty smooth, pleasant taste, and a very chill high