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Providing a balanced high and an incredible aroma, Lemon G is a sativa-dominant hybrid that hails from the Midwest. Often termed as the pride of Ohio, this 70/30 strain attributes its lineage to G13 and an unknown parent. Some say it could be Lemon Skunk or Love Potion No. 1, but there remains no definitive proof. Bringing a nice mixture of indica and sativa effects to your experience, Lemon G is a winner.

This strain doesn’t hold back on its potency, as some batches can reach as high as a 23% THC content. Aside from the great high it provides, one of the things users remember about Lemon G is the amazing smell. With super strong notes of lemon and pine, it is reminiscent of a popular household cleaner. While many might get super jazzed for a similar taste, Lemon G actually changes things up a bit with a decent amount of earthy spiciness. Hints of lemon are still discernable, but not as strong as you’d think. Nugs tend to be fluffy in appearance and heavily frosted.

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Smoking Lemon G will give you an immediate and intense high that’s complete with euphoric and uplifting emotions. Your mind might experience a slight sensation of buzzing, yet you’ll remain focused and clear. Lemon G’s effects can be fast and intense, so it’s best to go along with it instead of trying to manage or control them. Soon the relaxing indica side will kick in and you’ll be soothed into a peaceful state of mind without becoming immobile. Rather than having to fight off couchlock, you’ll remain focused and calm.

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A great choice for individuals who need a break from chronic stress or pain, Lemon G delivers the ability to go through a day with a high level of functionality and relief. Medical conditions like PTSD, depression, and anxiety can all benefit from this strain. Many appreciate the uplifting burst they get as it can help fight fatigue as well.

Growing your own Lemon G isn’t too terribly complicated, and although it can adapt to virtually any climate, it seems to do best outdoors in warmer weather. Seeds might be hard to come by, but if you do get your hands on some, prepare for a 9 to 11 week flowering time and a moderately sized yield.

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Perfect for boosting your mood, tackling your to-do list, or getting the most in a social setting, Lemon G is a great all-around strain. With a high that’s enjoyable and potent, both recreational and medicinal users will appreciate having it around.

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June 20, 2022

Greg S

My favorite strain right now. Terrific for pain. Definitely can stay alert while being pain and stress free.

October 18, 2020

Midnight Toker

The flavor is a nice citrus lemon and the buds kind of look like little grenades. The smell is everything the description says. The flavor starts off a sweet lemon and then gets tart and earthy sour. I highly recommend smoking a joint of this over anything else as it seems to taste like lemonade towards the end. High was euphoric and energetic but could make you tired if you sit around on this. Overall a great strain.

May 25, 2020


This is literally my favorite strain out of hundreds that I've tried. It is the most perfect strain. It really helps me stay focused without my forever running thoughts giving me anxiety. It gives you a calming sensation without making you feel sluggish. You are still able to get the things you need to get done, finished. It makes you feel peaceful and uplifting. It's really the whole package deal! :)

March 24, 2019


I have Fibromyalgia and starting to get some arthritis. Migraines started when I was about 3 years old. Lemon G truly helps with all of this. I get a numb-tingling sensation that is quite pleasing.

February 27, 2019

Uncle Guanja

I have this cut (20 years now) and the description is pretty accurate. I have decided to FEM her with colloidal and have tons of seeds. This strain is truly medicinal in that the limonene content in this plant makes it very effective against the cancers, etc. Mine tested at 20% (cut) but the seeded crop has yet to be tested. The real LG will display a curly blade on one leaf, on one branch consistently and it will get discolored, so don't think she is sick if you see this happen.Make sure you have odor control and DON'T over feed her in week 4-6 just because she yellows early and fills out LATE.You can't flush this flavor away no matter what you do. If you yank her at day 60 (cooler rooms) or 65 (warmer rooms) she is racy. Pull this girl beyond 70 and she tastes like burnt lemon. It's amazing. I enjoy both.