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Sometimes known as Lemon Cheesecake, Lemon Cake is a sativa-dominant hybrid that combines two recognizable -- albeit clashing -- strains. Created by Heavyweight Seeds, the European company responsible for flavor-focused strains like Fruit Punch, this bud is a cross between Lemon Skunk and pungent staple Cheese. It offers a jolt of sativa energy that tapers into full-bodied relaxation. Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 has rated Lemon Cake’s potency as between 12% and an impressive 25%.

When properly grown and trimmed, flowers of Lemon Cake are medium to large in size. They are conically shaped, tapering down from a broad base at the stem to a narrow pointed end. These buds hold together in a surprisingly loose, piecey structure, with wispy leaves jutting out at sharp angles. The leaves themselves are a mossy green and are twisted through with rust-colored pistils. Finally, the “cake” in this strain’s name may in fact refer to the thickly-caked coating of resin covering the flowers’ inner and outer surfaces.

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Lemon Cake asserts itself with a bright citrus odor, undercut by a tang that may remind some consumers of parent strain Cheese. There’s also an underlying musk, with undeniable notes of skunk. Grinding up the bud releases some skunky odors as well. When combusted, Lemon Cake burns with a somewhat acrid smoke that may be harsh on the lungs and sinuses, inducing coughing. On the exhale, this smoke may have a surprisingly herbal taste. Those smoking in public should keep in mind that this can be a very pungent bud -- after all, Skunk exists on both sides of its lineage.

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Although it’s billed as a sativa, Lemon Cake has surprisingly wide-ranging effects. The high takes effect quickly, conferring a surge of energy as users feel a prickling sensation around the eyes and temples. This buzzy sensation may also manifest as a jittery feeling in the arms and legs. Mentally, smokers will detect a rapid increase in freely-associative thought patterns. Such a cerebral mindset can serve as a good way to focus oj complex professional tasks or as a fun accompaniment to otherwise mundane activities like cleaning. That said, this head-focused high may be alarming or disorienting for some. In the right set and setting. Lemon Cake can be valuable for introspective solo time, provided that consumers veer away from excessive self-criticism. Some physical relaxation creeps in on the backend of the high, grounding any early mental effects and allowing users to sink into a mellow and stress-free mindset. In high enough doses, Lemon Cake may bring about intractable couchlock. Lemon Cake is recommended for use from the late afternoon through early evening when its slide from energy into relaxation can be fully appreciated.

Medical cannabis may also find value in this strain’s versatile effects. Its early sense of focus can help those with attention deficit disorders to concentrate on single tasks. It can also help patients with mild to moderate stress and depression to spend their time more mindfully and consciously. Physiologically speaking, the strain can relieve deep-seated aches and pains as well as more minor irritations like headaches. Because Lemon Cake’s onset is associated with intense cerebral thinking, those who are prone to panic should moderate their dosage accordingly and consume with caution.

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Seeds of Lemon Cake are available through several digital retailers. Once obtained, the strain can be grown indoors or out, although outdoor growing requires a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate. Plants tend to maintain and indica silhouette, growing short and bushy with strong lateral branches. Growers should be sure to “top” their plants regularly by trimming away any broad fan leaves that might block light and air from reaching low-growing flowering nodes. Lemon Cake flowers within a long 9 to 10 weeks indoors and is ready for harvest in mid October outdoors. It offers a yield of about 600 to 700 grams (or 21 to 25 ounces) of flower per plant. Finally, just as this strain can be a pungent smoke, it can be a very pungent grow -- those looking to keep their indoor grow operations discreet should invest in measures like carbon air filters or exhaust fans.

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A flavorful and memorable bud for sativa lovers, Lemon Cake is great for both mellow and active pursuits, whether you’re toking alone or sharing with friends.


September 14, 2019


Me Lemon Cake was a Sativa by Bloom Farms that contained 22% THC. Hard lime green buds with amber pistils & fine trichomes. The scent is a mild lemon & citrus which caught me off guard when smoked because the flavor is not mild but a full strong musky, lemon, citrus, & diesel. Delicious flavor indeed for this Wake & Bake strain. Happy, uplifted, energized, & calm are the effects that give my day a great start! Stay Elevated!!

July 22, 2019

Robert Kaul

Gets me motivated, it's great!

November 6, 2018


Very nice sativa hybrid. Good for any time of day, very happy uplifting cerebral high accompanied by a pleasant light body relaxation.

September 13, 2018

Mark Philip Kokalis

Almost instantly felt relief in my hands and feet and felt at peace with the world and I yeilded about 6 oz from 1 plant! She was oozing with skunky cheese dankness that I have never seen before,I will be growing this again for sure!