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Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty

Hybrid - 50%
Recommended time of use: Evening
Origin: Canada
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About Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty is a well-balanced hybrid with a sweet, complex flavor profile. Created by Vancouver-based breeder Liberty Seeds, the strain’s genetic background has been kept proprietary. Nevertheless, it’s clear that Lady Liberty dynamic mental and physical stimulation as well as sweetly fragrant flowers. The winner of Best Sativa at Vancouver’s 2005 Harvest Cup, Lady Liberty has a THC content that’s been measured at between 17% and 23%.

Almost as impressive as the Statue of Liberty herself, Lady Liberty stands out with large and well-formed flowers. These buds maintain an elongated and tapered shape, somewhat like mini cypress trees. They also have the dense bud structure characteristic of other indicas, with small and tightly-packed leaves. Like the oxidized copper surface of its namesake, Lady Liberty’s leaves are a pale shade sea green. They are also twisted through with fiery red and orange pistils. Finally, snowy white trichomes make these already colorful buds even more impressive.

Lady Liberty’s flowers have a strikingly sweet aroma, layered with hints of grapefruit and orange. These tropical citrus scents have some sourness lurking underneath as well. When buds of Lady Liberty are broken up or ground, this sour odor becomes more apparent and approaches something like rotting or fermenting organic material. When the strain is combusted in a pipe or a joint, it burns with a smooth and easily palatable smoke that tastes sweet and fruity on the exhale.

This potent strain doesn’t waste much time before getting to work, sometimes giving smokers a headrush before they’ve even had a chance to exhale. Initial signs of its action are a pulsing feeling in the temples and lower forehead as well as some flushing in the cheeks. As these odd tics become more familiar, they’re supplanted by distinct cognitive changes. Ideas may flow more quickly than usual or may seem to take on a new intensity. Additionally, thoughts may jump around in a kind of free association that may not make much sense to those who aren’t similarly under the influence. This kind of tuned-in mindset makes Lady Liberty a great enhancement for working on detailed analytical tasks. Alternatively, it can provide a nice background buzz for working on more mundane jobs like doing the dishes. The strain’s ability to boost the volume on an internal monologues means that it may spur on conversation in social situations.

As time passes (or as dosage is increased) consumers of Lady Liberty might find themselves more struck by physical than by mental effects. Waves of relaxation may roll down from the neck and spread through the core and limbs, making some smokers feel as if they’re walking through peanut butter when trying to move. Similarly, this feeling of sedation may be just enough to pin users in place on the couch, rendering them unwilling to do much more than binge-watch or snack. Because of its initially energetic and then relaxing effects, Lady Liberty is recommended for consumption later in the day or early in the evening.

Lady Liberty’s versatile effects can also have some value for medical cannabis consumers. Its cerebral onset can facilitate concentration for those with attention deficit disorders. Its tendency to improve general mood may also numb the effects of mild to moderate stress and depression. The strain’s more embodied properties can be exceptionally helpful in relieving aches and pains, whether they’re incidental or due to chronic conditions like lupus or arthritis. Meanwhile, its ability to induce the munchies can serve as an appetite stimulant for those struggling with diminished hunger. Because its early brainy effects can be fairly strong and can veer into paranoia in the wrong circumstances, Lady Liberty is a good option for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low tolerance for THC.

While seeds of Lady Liberty may be available for purchase in Vancouver-area facilities, they do not seem to be available online. As such, prospective growers should obtain clippings from mature plants that can be grown as genetically identical “clones.” The plants can thrive indoors or outdoors in a hot and humid climate. Indoor crops may flowers anywhere within 7 to 9 weeks; Liberty Seeds estimates a yield of about 90 to 115 grams (3.1 to 4 ounces) of flower per plant.

As her name might suggest, Lady Liberty is just the thing to liberate you from mental stress and physical pain. Its balance of mental and physical effects make its a great all-purpose smoke.

THC Content - 23.0% Highest Test

Average Hybrid
Lady Liberty Highest Test
Lady Liberty Average

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