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LA Jack

LA Jack

Sativa - 75% Leaning
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
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About LA Jack

LA Jack is a sativa-leaning strain that offers dynamic mental stimulation. Although this bud’s original breeder and its genetic makeup are not well-documented, some conjecture that it’s a cross between indica favorite LA Confidential and the Jack Herer-derived Candy Jack. Fans praise LA Jack’s long-lasting energy and its piney aroma. Measurements of its THC content range from 15% to 24%.

Once trimmed, flowers of LA Jack show a clear sativa influence; the medium to large-sized buds seem to have a loose internal structure, with leaves that twist away from one another. These fluffy-looking flowers maintain an elongated, almost cylindrical shape and are a pale shade of sage green. Dark brown and red pistils twist their way through these ragged buds and sticky, translucent trichomes make them difficult to break up by hand.

LA Jack has a bold flavor profile that may appeal to fans of its rumored grandparent strain Jack Herer. The most obvious aroma is that of citrus, although there are also some bright berry accents lurking underneath. A closer whiff may reveal some notes of pine, a scent that is intensified when the buds are pulled apart or broken apart in a grinder. When combusted in a pipe or a joint, LA Jack gives off a thick smoke that despite its complex combination of flavors goes down smoothly and easily. This smoke has a fruity flavor on the exhale.

Like some other predominantly sativa varieties, LA Jack has little lag time before its effects take hold. At first, the strain might exert a mild headrush that’s accompanied by weird sensations like a tingle around the temples and eyes. Some users may also experience a strange increase in salivation. Once these odd tics subside, though, they’re trumped by some marked cognitive changes. Consumers of LA Jack may feel like their train of thought is moving more quickly and erratically than usual, or that their ideas have taken on a new gravity or significance. For those who have work to do, these cerebral properties may allow them to zone in on certain details or to find creative solutions to entrenched problems. The strain may also open up creative avenues of thinking for more open-ended pursuits.

Even as this high wears on, it tends not to be bogged down by strong physical relaxation. Instead, smokers may even experience a jolt of energy that can be burned off with moderate exercise or with mundane errands or housework. In the right set and setting -- and with the right company -- some users may even find themselves sexually aroused by LA Jack’s vibes. The strain’s buzzy energy can also find use in social situations, where it may encourage chattiness whether it’s shared with friends or with relative strangers. Because of its long-lasting animated effects, LA Jack is recommended for daytime consumption; if used around bedtime, it’s liable to keep consumers wide awake.

LA Jack’s upbeat properties give it some applications for medical cannabis patients as well. Its mental lucidity may help those with attention deficit disorders to stay focused. Additionally, its sunny mood can help those with mild stress or depression to live more fully “in the moment.” Although the strain is not a prime choice for serious pain relief, its anti-inflammatory properties can relieve the discomfort associated with irritations like nausea or headaches. In some instances, LA Jack can provoke the munchies, making it a good appetite enhancement for those who have lost their hunger to disease or to invasive treatments like chemotherapy. Because its strong cerebral activation can turn into paranoia under the wrong conditions, LA Jack is not recommended for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low tolerance for THC.

Seeds of LA Jack have not been made available for online purchase. Instead, prospective home growers should seek out a trusted source from which to obtain clippings of mature plants. These clippings can be fostered as “clones” and can be grown indoors or out. While there is little information available specifically tailored to cultivating this strain, its sativa-inflected flowers suggest that plants grow tall and branchy and may require indoor gardeners to prune back their crops early on in the growing process. The strain’s sativa roots also imply that plants have a long flowering time of about 9 to 10 weeks.

LA Jack makes a great all-purpose sativa for those seeking pervasive energy and motivation. Its fruity, woodsy aroma gives the strain some added appeal.

THC Content - 24.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
LA Jack Highest Test
LA Jack Average

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