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About Kush Mint

When you think of the typical cannabis experience, what comes to mind? For many, it’s hunger and relaxation. If that’s what you’re after, Kush Mint is here to deliver. A flavorful bud crafted by Seed Junky Genetics, this hybrid strain pulls evenly from her Bubba Kush and Animal Mints lineage. When you’re ready to let the cares of the day slip away, consider giving this gal a try.

Although an average THC level of 23% doesn’t sound like much, many note that Kush Mint packs a punch. Her nugs are fluffy and deep green, featuring a thick layer of frosty white crystals. As if her name didn’t already give it away, this bud is rich in crisp mint flavor but, surprisingly enough, incorporates notes of earth, coffee, and cookies into the mix as well. Her aroma is similar in nature, making her a preferred dessert strain for many.

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If you’re expecting Kush Mint to be as refreshing as her flavor, you’d better think again. While some are counting on an uplifting and motivating set of effects, more often than not, users claim that this strain is relaxing both mentally and physically. You may not feel super stoned, unless you overdo it, but for the most part, a mellow happiness may permeate your body from head to toe. It should be mentioned that a large number of smokers say that Kush Mint has given them quite the case of the munchies, so stock up on snacks accordingly!

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Evenly balanced hybrid strains are often popular for medical users as they tend to bring a nice mixture of cerebral and physical effects to the table. Kush Mint doesn’t disappoint, as many note that she helps to relieve anxiety and depression with relative ease. Physical pain may also be quelled as well as nagging cases of nausea. If your tolerance is low or you smoke a ton of this bud, she could help you to fall asleep too.

As much as everyone loves Seed Junky Genetics, home growers aren’t always their number one fans. The team produces some of the most incredible strains on the market and yet doesn’t make seeds available for anyone to purchase. It’s rumored that clones of Kush Mint may be for sale in rare instances, and if that’s the case, most experts recommend that she does best indoors in a hydroponic environment.

Kush Mint is quite possibly the most perfect after dinner strain around, as her flavors will mirror a sweet treat while her effects can help you to wind down before bed. While this strain certainly could be appropriate for more novice smokers, she’s best enjoyed by those who know what they’re doing. After a long day at work, grab your favorite junk food, plant yourself on the couch, and enjoy a mixture of mental and physical effects that are said to be unmatched by any other bud.


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Recent Customer Reviews

Todd P Tuminello

Great strain. Cherry in Colorado has a cut testing at 37% right now so you may update the THC Percentage. It is commonly buyable.

areefa stanklin

I said GODDAMN GODDAMN! this is my first time seeing it offered in Michigan so I said why not! It was also on sale and I try to get new strains each time I re-up so I can taste them all before I die! Ambitious? Sure! Anyways! This strain right here boy? this that dank. it’s not a game, especially when the thc is bangin in at 28%. The smell reminds me of buying no-name sandwich bags from a dealer in Boston. The taste is delicious but I’m shitty at umami descriptions but it’s umami as hell too. Anyways! Get this strain! Don’t play yourself and don’t miss out most of all! tasty good!

Merry Jane

GET IT. This strain is insane. Straight fire it will get you high AF. If I even see anything with Kush Mints genetics I will buy a whole freaking zip I don’t even care how much it costs. I’m not just a fan of Kush Mints I’m a whole air conditioner

Midnight Toker

Kush Mints tastes like a delicious spicy minty cookie. The effects are wonderful starting in the head and then moving down to the body with a warm tingle. This herb is multi-purpose allowing you to stay up and chill or sleep like a rock depending on how you plan to use it. Really impressed with this strain.