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About Kush Cake

Kush Cake is a classic OG strain – it barely gets more like cannabis royalty than this petrol-splashed earthy favorite. The smell, the feeling of happy upliftment, and the unique cocktail of herb, fruit, dessert, and chem-flavored terpenes make this one a masterclass in kicking back.

Bred from Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie (or in an alternate phenotype, Kush Mints and Wedding Cake), Kush Cake grows in sticky buds that require skilled cultivation to maximize the THC output. The UK-based grower Pintail Gardens bred this strain to create huge, heavy yields in around 7-8 weeks. The buds are dense and heavy, purple-tinted on a landscape of dark green. The white crystal trichomes are so plentiful they look like a layer of soft snow.

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The overall flavor is a radical mixture of textures and plants that blend together in one smooth finish like a tiny atmosphere of earth and herbs. The aroma wreaks (delightfully) of petrol, earth, pine, and vanilla. The skunk is incredibly prominent with a petrol finish, owing to the terpene profile, which Pintail bred for power. The dominant flavors are Limonene, Beta Caryophyllene, Linalool, and Beta Myrcene.

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The effects range from mentally uplifting to physically soothing. Depression, anxiety, and stress are no match for a powerhouse like Kush Cake. The strain is ideal for those that want to feel calm and happy in their stressed-out, Type A personality lives. Kush Cake is a fantastic pairing with your relaxing pastimes like watching movies, fishing, knitting, or painting. You can visit a spa on Kush Cake. It’s even perfect for doing absolutely nothing.

On Kush Cake, you can expect euphoric relaxation with a strong cerebral uplift. Athletes love the strain because in addition to its mental effects, it has a strong relaxing effect on sore muscles. Post-workout, a dose of Kush Cake can do wonders for recovery, relieving tightness and pain in muscles that have been working harder than they’re used to.

This strain puts a smile on its user’s faces, giving them feelings of creativity and a do-nothing bliss that’s hard to come by in the busy week. While traditionally grown indoors, it can be cultivated anywhere. Its pointy green buds smell of earth and mint, with other tastes like vanilla and lemon peeking through. For athletes and even people who casually work out, this is a great recovery strain that packs an earthy, minty punch on the side for those that enjoy the tastier things.


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Recent Customer Reviews


I am a huge fan of all kush havent smoked any that was bad. But this kush kake is ware its at.the taste and the gorgeous bud structure is truly a kush strain for the ages. nuff said smoke it if you can.

James Nazarowski

This strain is amazing! She checks all the boxes. To start, Kush Cake has Great bag appeal. Her buds are a beautiful blend of pinks, purples, and greens shrouded in a blanket of frosty trichomes. Next comes her nose. The moment the jar is opened you’re treated with a blast of dank, gassy goodness. Her terps seem to perfectly capture that legendary Kush smell with a hint of sweetness from her Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookie lineage. Best of all, she hits like a Mack Truck! Gassy on the inhale and fruity at the finish. This girl has the highest THC percentage I’ve ever seen at a face melting 38.8% and I felt every bit of it! She’s a hybrid that definitely leans towards Indica and her effects were instantaneous. From the moment you take that first puff you’re hit right in the head with an amazing uplifting sense of euphoria followed by a warming soothing body buzz. I’ve had multiple strains with THC totals above 30%, but none of them looked, smelled, tasted, and delivered pain relief like this Kush Cake! If you can get your hands on some I’d jump at it while you can. Congratulations Cresco!