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Kali Dog

Kali Dog

Sativa - 60% Leaning
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
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About Kali Dog

Do you enjoy a giggly high that will have you chatting up your nearest neighbor? What about a full body relaxation that kicks your appetite into full gear and leaves you completely and totally chilled out? Well lucky you, as Kali Dog does both.

With moderate THC levels, ranging from 17% to 26%, Kali Dog offers users an uplifting cerebral high that is only compounded by a powerful sativa buzz. A cross between two legends, OG Kush and Sour Diesel, this pungent plant produces spade-shaped, olive green nugs that are large and fluffy in appearance. Because of its odorous parents, users can expect a strong diesel aroma and flavor that may leave you grimacing at the aftertaste. But fear not, the sour lemon notes are there to save you and give you a stellar inhale.

This product of two insanely popular strains lives up to its parentage tenfold. It will effortlessly overtake your senses and leave you feeling giggly and talkative while relaxing your body and opening your mind. Your focus will sharpen and your desire to achieve will peak, though that feeling is fleeting as it will soon be replaced by a light feeling of couch-lock and hunger. This bud is best smoked after a work day or on the weekends as it primarily gives a sedative like high.

For medicinal users, this strain is great for a lack of appetite as it stimulates all the right senses and will have you cruising the fridge in no time. Because of its immediate rush of euphoria, this bud is often used to treat mild to moderate depression and stress as well as mild cases of fatigue and pain. Novice users will find Kali Dog to be an easy high, but be mindful that too much of a good thing is a bad thing, and you can cause yourself to become extremely lazy if you consume too much.

This is a moderately easy to grow plant that reaches between 30 and 78 inches. It flowers easily indoors or out, though has an extremely strong scent. If discretion is the name of the game, this is not a good outside grow, and invest in a smell proof system if indoors is your only choice. Kali Dog flowers in 7 to 9 weeks with an above average yield.

Kali Dog is the heir to a well-beloved throne and lives up to the name quite well. It offers you that classic giggly high with the flightiness we’ve all come to love from the kush family. If you are looking for a sweet release, this is a great strain to try - just keep some mints handy and you’ll be fine.

THC Content - 26.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Kali Dog Highest Test
Kali Dog Average

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