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Kaboom is a Sativa-dominant hybrid developed by TGA Seeds. It grows tall and produces heavy yields.

As the name suggests, the high this strain produces explodes in a fast-acting intense cerebral buzz that can boost users' moods and fill them with energy.  More experienced users may find that it can inspire their creativity and focus. Some users describe the high as motivational.  Novice users should expect the 'munchies' and a hazy fog. Negative effects include the standard dry eyes and mouth, anxiety, and occasional dizziness and paranoia, especially in larger doses.

Like many Sativa strains, Kaboom is often prescribed to relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety disorders as well as for chronic minor aches and pains. The strain is also used to calm nausea and stimulate appetite in patients suffering from eating disorders. It is also used to ease the pain of chronic migraines. Because of its focusing effects, the Kaboom is sometimes prescribed for adult ADD/ADHD.

A mix of Jack's Cleaner (Sativa) and Vortex (Sativa), Kaboom is only 15% Indica. This strain can be grown indoors or out, and it flowers between 60 and 75 days. The Kaboom strain should be topped early, allowing it to grow outward. If this is done correctly, the width of the resulting bush should be roughly three times its height. The Kaboom strain often has above average THC levels as the plants tend to develop large colas, dripping a resinous goo. The buds are dense and produce a very heavy yield.

THC Content - 16.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Kaboom Highest Test
Kaboom Average

Common Usage - Anxiety

Effects - Energy

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