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Sativa - 70% Leaning
Recommended time of use: Afternoon
Origin: Iran (Islamic Republic of)Mexico
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About Jazz

Wars are fought over religion and politics, but not many strains can claim to create an uproar due to its supposed lineage. Jazz, a sativa-dominant hybrid, comes from unknown breeders and opinions on where exactly this strain originated from can get pretty strong. Most believe that her parents include a Mexican landrace from Oaxaca and an Iranian landrace, but the jury is still out.

Jazz certainly puts some spring in your step as 25% THC levels are consistent throughout the strain no matter the growing conditions. Nugs tend to be on the smaller side with brown pistils and large, dazzling chunks of trichomes. Both flavors and aromas are on the same page here, with a tart lemon taste accented by sweet earth, making it a nice blend for just about every palate out there.

A great strain for daytime, you may want to reserve Jazz for the weekends only. Its high begins with extreme euphoria and lifts you to a mental place of happiness and laughter like nothing else you’ve ever experienced. While you’ll be feeling amazing, your giddiness may not be appropriate for the workplace and there’s a good chance you won’t get much of anything done. The comedown with this gal is gentle, leading you to both mind and body relaxation that’s pleasant without feeling heavy.

Medicinal users love Jazz for how well it can manage a variety of symptoms, including muscle pain, inflammation, headaches, PMS, and more. Given that it’s such a strong mood booster, individuals who find themselves at their limit of stress or depression welcome Jazz’s relief, yet the strain has been known to agitate anxiety so use caution in your level of consumption. Those dealing with fatigue that they just can’t shake will love Jazz for her ability to get them through the day with ease.

Given that her genetic roots are a mystery, it’s interesting that there also seems to be a discrepancy about Jazz’s preferred growing climate as well. Those who believe she is of landrace heritage will swear up and down that only warm climates will do, while others find that the plant does just as well in colder environments. Either way you go, make sure to plan accordingly, as indoor cultivation yields a plant that’s between 3 and 4 feet tall while outside she will reach up to 6 feet in height.

Dance to the music in your mind and lighten up your mood with Jazz, a strain that’s determined to make you a star. Enjoy some of this strain at the end of a long week and see if she can’t rid you of even the most stressful thoughts and feelings. Be sure to share some Jazz with friends and maybe even record your conversation, as you’re bound to create some pure comedic gold.

THC Content - 25.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa
Jazz Highest Test
Jazz Average

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